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Roasted Brussels Sprouts

 Mark As Read    

My family has not been fond of Brussels sprouts, and I have tried different recipes over the years trying to get them to like the veggie. Nothing seemed to work, and so I hadn't made them in quite a long time when Danielle sent me this roasted Brussels sprouts recipe. I won’t say that the […] The post Roasted Brussels Sprouts appeared first o...

The Gluten-Free Homemaker 1 hour, 32 min ago

We’ll be at Worldvision this week!

 Mark As Read    

Hi everyone! I'll be with my husband and teammates at the Worldvision center this week, helping them get shipments of clothing, food etc ready for shipping overseas. What a wonderful opportunity to see their work in action! Worldvision is one of our chosen charities through their clean water project. Since I'll be gone, you won't [Read More...]...

Better Batter 15 hours, 51 min ago

Gluten-Free Menu Plan 7-26-14

 Mark As Read    

I hope you all are enjoying plenty of summer fun and hopefully some relaxation (or at least vacation, which is not always relaxing). My family went to the Smoky mountains in Tennessee and had a great time. We met up with a number of my cousins and their families. That was the highlight for me, […] The post Gluten-Free Menu Plan 7-26-14 appear...

Flour Buds Cornbread | Triumph Dining Product Review

 Mark As Read    

There are items in my monthly Cuisine Cube that immediately excite me and ones that I plan to try later. In the case of Flour Buds Bakery Cornbread I didn’t know what I’d eat it with so I added an extra layer of plastic wrap and tossed it in the freezer. I pulled it out […]Click to continue reading »

Friday Ramblings: 5 Things You Need to Know When You Go Gluten Free

 Mark As Read    

Although I think you need to know these 5 things when you go gluten free, it will take some time for you to fully understand all of them. This is a listing that you might want to re-read at different parts of your gluten-free journey and see “anew,” so to speak. It might not all make sense […](Visit my blog for the full post, complete with an...

Thumbs Cookies | Triumph Dining Product Review

 Mark As Read    

I got a cute little box of these tiny round cookies called Thumbs in my Cuisine Cube this month. If you see them somewhere run away. These melt-in-your-mouth buttery buttons are too addicting! You can’t eat only a few. Good thing the box was small because it was gone in a flash! The cookies are […]Click to continue reading »

Gluten Free Food Shopping On-line is Easy and Inexpensive

 Mark As Read    

Shopping for gluten free food on-line in easy, inexpensive, makes thousands of safe products available, can be done anywhere in the country, and welcomes anyone with the computer skills needed to use this website.  <1> Every item in every store recommended here is gluten free. You literally can't make a mistake. <2> You have all [&#...

Chambelland Boulangerie Take 2 | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

There were a few inadvertent errors in our blog post about Chambelland Boulangerie  the gluten-free bakery in Paris. First and foremost is that Chambelland Boulangerie does not work with rye flour, only gluten-free flours that they get from their own mill, Moulin Chambelland. They are also the only ones who work with this flour. Lastly, […]Cl...

Friday Favorite: Snyder’s of Hanover Gluten Free 100 Calorie Pack Pretzel Sticks

 Mark As Read    

When you want a salt and satisfying snack that is only 100 calories reach for a bag of Snyder’s of Hanover Gluten Free 100 Calorie Pack Pretzel Sticks. These gluten-free pretzel sticks are perfect for lunchtime, a mid-day snack or for dipping into hummus or your other favorite dips. I love that Snyder’s of Hanover

Be Free For Me Blog 3 days ago

Portion Size vs. Serving Size

 Mark As Read    

One key to healthy eating is to fully understand the difference between  serving size  and portion size. ‘Portion size‘ is determined by dietitians and other other experts. Almost everything we read about food is based on the assumption that people are eating no more than one portion at a time. ‘Serving size' is simply the […...

GFW: Gluten-Free Blueberry Pound Cake, Paleo Funnel Cake, Healthier Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to Gluten-Free Wednesdays (GFW), the weekly blog carnival that I co-host with my friends Linda of The Gluten-Free Homemaker and Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. Summer is whizzing by! I don’t know about you, but I’ve already started seeing Back-to- School sales. I’ll admit it. When I was a teacher, I used to hate […](Visit my blog f...

Neat | Triumph Dining Product Review

 Mark As Read    

When I was in high school I went vegan for a time. I only made it about four months before the delightful smell of buffalo wings reached my nostrils and I ended up caving. Luckily, in that time, I had learned about organic and free-range meat choices and never had to go back to the […]Click to continue reading »

GFW: Blueberry Pound Cake, Cheesecake with Peaches, & Blueberry Crumble Bars

 Mark As Read    

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to another week of sharing great gluten-free eating recipes and ideas. I love seeing all the fruit recipes that show up in the summer time, don't you? I've highlighted a few from last week below. This carnival is co-hosted by my friends Shirley of gfe–gluten free easily and All Gluten-Free Desserts and […] T...

Lemon Ginger Faux Matzoh Balls

 Mark As Read    

I wanted to replicate avlegomono (Greek lemon and rice soup), but wanted something a little more filling this week, and thought ‘why not add those flavors to matzoh balls??'Seeing how it is summer, I really didn't feel up to making matzoh just so I could make matzoh balls, so I experimented with gluten free rice [Read More...]

Better Batter 5 days ago


 Mark As Read    

  These lightly sweetened dairy-free fudgsicles are a major hit with my chocolate loving teenage son. He's been devouring them this summer, eating a couple a day. I like homemade fudgsicles too as they're low-carb and sweetened with only one date (in an entire batch of six). This rich fudgey frozen treat also has a bit of stevia in it, which you ...

Elana's Pantry 5 days ago

Red Apple Lipstick presents: The Lash Project (with a giveaway)

 Mark As Read    

Next week, our friends from Red Apple Lipstick launch THE LASH PROJECT: a gluten-free lash conditioning mascara. Basically the product I've been waiting for my whole mascara wearing life! My lash envy has gone on for years — I have girlfriends whose eye lashes look long and full BEFORE they even put on their mascara....Continue reading →...

Celiac in the City 5 days ago

Lemon Trifle

 Mark As Read    

This trifle is a cinch to whip together thanks to our five minute microwave angel food cake, and commercial lemon curd and whipped topping. We used slightly softened frozen cranberries from our food storage for this recipe, but you can add any fresh berry, for a fabulous contrast in taste and texture. If you have [Read More...]

Better Batter 6 days ago

Is Beer from Barley Safe for Us?

 Mark As Read    

Omission Beer, and similar products, must be labeled "Product fermented from grains containing gluten and crafted to remove gluten. The content of this product cannot be verified, and this product may contain gluten." The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is not committing itself. It is merely saying "we don't know. Use your own judgment." [...

Five Minute Microwave Angel Food Cake

 Mark As Read    

Looking for a dessert that takes only a few minutes to make and is easily adaptable to a wide range of other dessert ideas? This recipe for angel food cake only takes 5 minutes to cook in the microwave! While it is a little denser than regular angel food cake, it's perfect as a base [Read More...]

Better Batter 6 days ago

Taco Rice

 Mark As Read    

My family really enjoys Cheeseburger Rice, but sometimes it’s nice to switch things up and make this Taco Rice. One nice thing about getting your taco fix this way is that you don’t have to fill taco shells or wraps. It’s simply easier to have everything already mixed together, especially if you are feeding small […] The post Taco Rice appear...

PRODUCT: Pistachio Chewy Bites

 Mark As Read    

A favorite snack: chewy pistachio bites. Photo by Elvira Kalviste | THE NIBBLE.   While several of us tried to determine the name of the company, we all agreed: These Pistachio Chewy Bites are good stuff. Simple and nutritious, they’re a blend of roasted pistachios and dried cranberries, bound in a honey-like mix of two […]

Gluten Free EXTREME “Library Clean-out” Giveaway #2

 Mark As Read    

I’m continuing on with the clean-out of my support group’s overflowing library, sharing with you all terrific cookbooks and resource books that sometimes don’t get checked out or, sadly, even perused. We have so many books and get more all the time and we meet in my house, so I’m trying to keep our number […](Visit my blog for the full post, ...

Pei Wei Green Hills

 Mark As Read    

Dedicated gluten free menu.     The post Pei Wei Green Hills appeared first on Gluten Free Geek.

Pei Wei Murfreesboro

 Mark As Read    

Dedicated gluten free menu.     The post Pei Wei Murfreesboro appeared first on Gluten Free Geek.

Pei Wei Franklin

 Mark As Read    

Dedicated gluten free menu.     The post Pei Wei Franklin appeared first on Gluten Free Geek.

Pei Wei Brentwood

 Mark As Read    

Dedicated gluten free menu.     The post Pei Wei Brentwood appeared first on Gluten Free Geek.

California Pizza Kitchen

 Mark As Read    

Gluten free pizza in Green Hills.     The post California Pizza Kitchen appeared first on Gluten Free Geek.

Paleo People Fruit & Nut Clusters | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

For busy households like mine, snack mixes that you can trust are gluten-free are an absolute must for the pantry. Paleo People has a snack line of Fruit & Nut Cluster snacks that are not only certified gluten-free but also grain-free, sodium-free, soy-free, dairy-free, non GMO, and made from all natural ingredients. These snacks are […]C...

Gluten-Free Menu Plan 7-19-14

 Mark As Read    

Well, July is rolling right along. I think summer is a great time for gluten-free eating because there is so much fresh produce available, which is naturally gluten free. If you’re having trouble coming up with meal ideas, though, this gluten-free menu plan can help. The recipes in this menu plan are all gluten free. […] The post Gluten-Free ...

The New Gluten Free Food Labels

 Mark As Read    

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided that food containing less that 20 parts-per-million gluten may be labelled gluten free. This is a legal definition not a medical determination, of course, but the experts seem to agree that 20 parts-per-million is appropriate. We might call it "gluten free enough": 20 ppm is equal to […]...

Brazilian Cheesy Bread | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

After long stints in front of the TV with all eyes on Brazil, we’re still thinking about its cuisine. Here’s a delicious gluten-free recipe for Pao de Queijo. Pao de Queijo is a small, baked cheese bread that is popular in Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador, often eaten for breakfast or for a snack. These buns are […]Click to continue reading »...

Denny’s Style French Toast

 Mark As Read    

The secret to Denny's famous french toast is a very light batter coating, rather than the traditional egg and milk custard most people use, and the use of thick cut bread (Texas Toast). You can use commercial bread, with this recipe, if you like, or you can make your own Texas Toast, with one of [Read More...]

Better Batter 10 days ago

Friday Favorite: Terrapin Ridge Farms Dressings & Marinades

 Mark As Read    

It’s summertime, and it seems that every day I have at least one salad as a main course meal. But sometimes vegetables tossed with ho-hum dressing  is just so boring. That's why I was so excited and couldn't wait to try the Terrapin Ridge Farms gluten-free salad dressings & marinades (with awesome flavors!) that I found in

Be Free For Me Blog 10 days ago

Finnriver Farm Cider | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

At Finnriver, cider making isn’t their only venture, but it sure is one of the tastiest. Finnriver Farm is a 33 acre organic family farm, artisan cider, and event venue located in on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. They are a certified organic and salmon safe farm where you can find an assortment of berries, vegetables, […]Click to cont...

Wordless Wednesday: 2 ingredient gluten-free ice cream sandwiches

 Mark As Read    

        Filed under: Recipes: let's eat!, Wordless Wednesday Tagged: gluten free dessert, gluten free ice cream sandwiches, Purple Door Ice Cream, summer snack, Tate's gluten free chocolate chip cookies, whiskey ice cream, wordless wednesday

Celiac in the City 11 days ago

Fiber in the Gluten Free Diet

 Mark As Read    

The average American, both wheat-eaters and people who live gluten free, doesn't have enough fiber in their diet. This issue is especially important to people who live gluten free because the five grains with the most fiber are unacceptable for people on the gluten free diet.  FYI, those grains are bulgar wheat, barley, rye, triticale, […]...

GFW: Homemade Gluten-Free Hamburger and Hot Dog Rolls, Sugar-Free Carrot Cake, Paleo Vegan “Egg” Rolls, and Honey Sriracha Recipes

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to Gluten-Free Wednesdays (GFW), the weekly blog carnival that I co-host withmy friends Linda of The Gluten-Free Homemaker and Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. This event is all about gluten-free food ideas. If you’re a blogger linking up, please know that your post will appear on all three of our blogs via the linky. […](Visit my b...

GFW: Sugar-Free Carrot Cake, Hot Dog Buns, and Black Cherry Chocolate Tart

 Mark As Read    

Hi everybody!  Summer is in full swing now, and if you’re like me, you’re not doing a lot of cooking. However, it’s a great time for grilling, making cold treats, and getting creative with seasonal fruit and veggies. This carnival is a great place to find new ideas for your summer menu! This carnival is […] The post GFW: Sugar-Free Carrot Cak...

Win-It-Wednesday: Celebrate Summer with Bakery On Main… and WIN!

 Mark As Read    

It’s summertime and the living is easy! And thanks to Bakery on Main summertime is also an easy time to find snacks that are also gluten-free, dairy-free, casein-free and yummy! All summer long Bakery On Main is celebrating Gluten Free in the Summer Sun!   Celebrating Bakery On Main style means that you may see the

Be Free For Me Blog 12 days ago

Moons Over my Hammy Clone Recipe

 Mark As Read    

Denny's has some pretty good food, if you like basic American restaurant fare. But where they really shine is in their breakfast selection, especially in this breakfast sandwich that combines scrambled eggs, cheeses, and ham into a combination that is simply amazing. We developed this clone recipe because – as far as we know – [Read Mor...

Better Batter 12 days ago

Cinnamon-Date Almond Butter Cookies (grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free)

 Mark As Read    

In need of a healthy treat for road trips this summer? These date-sweetened, flourless almond butter cookies pack well and are adored by children...a treat you can feel good about giving!I have not tried this recipe using other nut or seed butters yet. It's possible the recipe might work using roasted cashew butter or roasted sunflower seed but...

When Things Fall Apart

 Mark As Read    

Photo by www.jeanniejeannie.com Earlier this year my website traffic reached almost 1 million unique visitors per month, which meant that 50,000 people were coming onto the site each day for healthy gluten-free recipes, lifestyle tips and my musings on the Paleo Diet. When I started elanaspantry.com, I had not envisioned, or prepared for such la...

Elana's Pantry 12 days ago

Are Oats Safe for People Who Live Gluten Free ?

 Mark As Read    

Oats are generally considered gluten free. However, there are a few things that need to be considered: 1. At one time, oats were excluded from the gluten free diet. This was true  when I diagnosed  in 1999. Some celiacs have not accepted this change. 2. Celiacs, like everyone else, have food reactions that are unrelated to celiac […]

Meat Lover’s Chicken—Bake In Your Oven or Your Slow Cooker

 Mark As Read    

That name might make you laugh because it’s a bit of a “dog puppy”—the term that my friends and I in the writing world used to use for redundancies—but it’s accurate. This chicken recipe, which I’ve previously heard called Continental Chicken or Special Baked Chicken, is my variation of a meat-centric recipe that we used […](Visit...

homemade rhubarb liqueur

 Mark As Read    

Each year my mom gives me fresh rhubarb from her garden — and each year I vow to use it up quickly. (and then it ends up in the freezer) But not this year! It was muffins galore for a couple of weeks.     And when there was still rhubarb left… rhubarb liqueur seemed...Continue reading →

Celiac in the City 13 days ago

Denny’s Original Grand Slam Clone Recipe

 Mark As Read    

One of my favorite memories as a child was being taken to Denny's for their Grand Slam breakfast – at $1.99 it was a steal, and a yummy steal at that. Fast forward 30 years, and I am no longer able to eat gluten, and the Grand Slam is no longer $1.99, but I can [Read More...]

Better Batter 13 days ago

Asian Noodles | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

I scraped through the cupboard recently in an attempt to avoid the grocery store before an upcoming vacation. I grabbed a couple eggs, peapods from my garden, an onion and pulled the meat off of leftover dry rubbed pork ribs. I also fished out some Asian cellophane noodles and a bottle of gluten-free teriyaki sauce. […]Click to continue readi...

Italian Sausage with Quinoa and Broccoli

 Mark As Read    

This Italian Sausage with Quinoa and Broccoli is very similar to my Italian Sausage and Pasta recipe. Both recipes include broccoli and are a one-dish, stove-top meal that is perfect for summer. If you don’t eat grains, but do eat quinoa, which is technically a seed and often called a pseudo-grain, then this recipe is […] The post Italian Sau...

Top 5 Gluten Free Bar-B-Que Places in Nashville

 Mark As Read    

BBQ, Bar-B-Que, we're not here to debate how to spell it, we're here to talk… The post Top 5 Gluten Free Bar-B-Que Places in Nashville appeared first on Gluten Free Geek.

Gluten Free Nashville 14 days ago

Jack’s Bar-B-Que Charlotte Avenue

 Mark As Read    

The post Jack's Bar-B-Que Charlotte Avenue appeared first on Gluten Free Geek.

Gluten Free Nashville 14 days ago
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