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Sweet Gluten-Free Valentine's Day Recipes

 Mark As Read    

Valentine's Day may be one of the easiest of our holidays to navigate gluten-free. Valentine's Day and chocolate goodies are synonymous and lots of our recipes are flour-free. That makes gluten-free cooking for Valentine's Day a lot easier!...Read Full Post

Gluten-Free Cooking 1266 days ago

SSS: Double Chocolate, Double Walnut, Double Heart Cookies

 Mark As Read    

Every year for my Suite of Sweets for Sweethearts (SSS), I try to have at least one recipe that is somewhat different---unrefined and nutrient dense. This recipe for Double Chocolate, Double Walnut, Double Heart Cookies is this year’s entry in that category. These cookies are more reminiscent of date-sweetened truffles or date-sweetened protein bar...

gfe--gluten free easily 1265 days ago

Gluten Free Good News and One Important Question From Subway

 Mark As Read    

All Subway restaurants in Oregon will offer gluten free sandwiches. They will also testing their gluten free offerings in Duluth, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin. I'm thrilled — especially since I live in Oregon — to pass on this information to you. I am concerned because the Subway website does not mention this fact. I got...

Surfing Saturday 2-11-12

 Mark As Read    

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