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Gluten Free in SLC

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Flashback Friday: Snickerdoodles

 Mark As Read    

Snickerdoodles are great all year round - they're not just a Christmas food. They're still the boy's favorite cookies that I make (even though he wants cookies an average of less than once a year). We've moved into a new version of snickerdoodles that are dairy free and still have those really tender, flaky edges that make them melt when you bite i...

Gluten Free in SLC 72 days ago

Spicy Fries: Crispy and Tender

 Mark As Read    

I've got my very own chopper to make wavy fries! Everyone loves the tender insides of a crispy wavy fry, and now you can have them at home!One of the challenges of gluten free eating is not getting French fries when you are out on the town if the restaurant doesn't have a dedicated fryer. And fries at home are sometimes soggy and not that satisfyin...

Gluten Free in SLC 75 days ago

Flashback Friday: Quick Risotto Tips and Risotto, of the Asparagus Variety

 Mark As Read    

March and April never fail for me as the months when I am in a dinner rut. The heavier foods with meaty tastes that we love feel overdone for the time being. It doesn't mean we stop eating them, more just that we eat them while wishing for something else. The fresh, light foods of spring and summer don't seem filling enough, and it's a balance to g...

Gluten Free in SLC 79 days ago

Molten Lava Cake for Two: {Gluten and Dairy Free Recipe}

 Mark As Read    

If you have a quick craving for chocolate, this is the perfect 15 minute recipe to quench your chocolate thirst in a sophisticated manner!You can order these at restaurants all over the place, but rarely (even before gluten free) eat dessert in restaurants. After all, dessert at home is fast, dairy free, and well, there's more than one serving of i...

Gluten Free in SLC 567 days ago

Thanksgiving 2014: Stuffed like a turkey

 Mark As Read    

This year's festivities lasted Thursday and Friday, and what a weekend! One of the best parts was going to eat Chinese food at C's house. It was delicious, and I loved sitting at her kitchen table, wearing a stuffed turkey hat, and laughing together.You're welcome on this excellent, grainy picture of me "dressed" as a turkey. Ha! Thanksgiving joke....

Gluten Free in SLC 574 days ago

Butternut Squash Pear Soup Recipe

 Mark As Read    

One of the reasons I love September in Utah is the fresh produce. The Co-op Market is under construction right now, so I haven't been there in probably two months. I'm wishing for my favorite grass-fed beef and chicken breasts right now. I'm tired of paying the Whole Foods price for my meat and ready to get back to the actually local, cheaper, and ...

Gluten Free in SLC 641 days ago

Gluten Free Recipe: Carrot and Zucchini Bars with Lemon Glaze

 Mark As Read    

Well hello. You probably thought I wasn't coming back.It's been a whirlwind few months, and so when my computer stopped playing nice with all Google products and I couldn't find a solution, blogging and I took a separation. Thanks to the boy, we've figured out how I can blog again and get back to the blogspot site to give you some new inspiration.H...

Gluten Free in SLC 690 days ago

Gourmandise: Gluten Free Restaurant Review

 Mark As Read    

Do bakeries give you the shivers? They do for me!However, one of the best regular bakeries in Salt Lake has a gluten free menu and a delicious gluten free, dairy free pastry too. I went with a few friends for lunch and it was a great time! Most of the gluten free options on the lunch menu are salads, and I had the delicious chicken curry salad. I w...

Gluten Free in SLC 944 days ago

Good Grains Gluten Free Baking Co: Heber Utah Gluten Free Restaurant Review

 Mark As Read    

On a recent trip through Heber, Utah, we were driving back from an unsuccessful trip to the local thrift store. Pulling up to a red light, I saw a banner on the side of a building and swung into the parking lot. We were pleased to discover Laura, the owner of Good Grains Gluten Free Baking Company, inside the building, baking away.We ate muffins an...

Gluten Free in SLC 951 days ago

The Pie Pizzeria: Gluten Free Restaurant Review

 Mark As Read    

If you haven't been to the Underground location of The Pie, you are missing an authentic piece of Salt Lake City dining. In a basement just west of the University of Utah campus, you can walk down a flight of metal stairs into another dimension. Dimly lit, you can see decades of scribbles on the brick walls. I'd been several times before going glut...

Gluten Free in SLC 958 days ago

Grillabites: Gluten Free Restaurant Review

 Mark As Read    

Gallivan Plaza isn't just for the Food Truck Thursday lunches - there's also Grillabites. Grillabites is a California chain of organic, fresh food with a new location downtown to treat us with. Their storefront is surprisingly big, and the food was great!They have a selection of gluten free sandwiches and hamburgers on their menu, as well as a few ...

Gluten Free in SLC 965 days ago

Better Burger Food Truck: Gluten Free Restaurant Review

 Mark As Read    

Have you tried the Better Burger food truck that's making its way around Salt Lake City? We've been there twice in the last few weeks, and it's incredible to have a filling gluten free option from a food truck!These guys know their stuff! Their gluten free burgers can be served on delicious and tender grilled buns from Love Muffins Bakery, a local ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1034 days ago

City Cakes & Cafe: Gluten Free Bakery Review

 Mark As Read    

City Cakes just moved from their old location at 300 East and 900 South in Salt Lake City, to a new, larger location just a few blocks over. Tucked in between car dealerships and architectural specialty stores, it's got a large parking lot and a great cafe spot both inside and out. I had to confess to the employee inside that it was the first time ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1082 days ago

Tender Barbecue Beef Brisket: Gluten, Dairy and Tomato Free

 Mark As Read    

Beef brisket, if you've never worked with it before, comes in huge sides that weigh 6-12 pounds. They're all wrapped up by the deli counter and in the beef section of the store. They're flat and wide, and you may have trouble finding it on the shelf the first time. But! Don't give up - once you buy your first brisket, you'll loving having some on h...

Gluten Free in SLC 1087 days ago

Food Truck Thursdays: Rubadue's Saucey Skillet

 Mark As Read    

Every Thursday at the Gallivan Center in downtown Salt Lake City, a group of food trucks gather to serve lunch. We hit a food truck event or two on our trip to San Francisco, but there's something so charming and urban about a food truck near my work, not just near my vacation destination. (Also, still regretting the fact that we didn't wait in lin...

Gluten Free in SLC 1096 days ago

Eating Gluten Free in San Francisco!: Vacation Adventures

 Mark As Read    

We recently returned from an epic trip to San Francisco. It was a blast to plan the trip (isn't so much of the fun in the planning?), choosing interesting gluten free restaurants and quirky boutique hotels, navigating parking and museums, and always carrying our jackets for that cold wind off the water.The other epic part was us both getting bronch...

Gluten Free in SLC 1110 days ago

2013's first strawberries

 Mark As Read    

We each got one tiny strawberry, and they both barely filled our mouths. They burst with tart flavor, and they were red all the way through! Not like those January strawberries that are mostly white on the inside. I never really imagined having my own small strawberry patch. Working in the yard and getting dirt in my toes, with a side of tiny t...

Gluten Free in SLC 1122 days ago

Gluten Free Restaurant Review: Johnny Rocket's at City Creek

 Mark As Read    

There's a new place at the City Creek mall, recently voted the best mall in America. (I also didn't realize it was possible to be voted the best mall after 1992, but I stand corrected).My coworker really wanted to go to Johnny Rockets, mostly because I think she wanted an Oreo shake (yeah, not gluten free). I decided to join her. The Johnny Rockets...

Gluten Free in SLC 1147 days ago

Gluten Free Restaurant Review: Mandarin in Bountiful

 Mark As Read    

The Mandarin in Bountiful is some sort of Utah institution. C raved about it, and there are reviews all over the internet pointing folks in northern Utah to this place. Honestly, the Urbanspoon reviews are split down the middle. Some rave about how the Mandarin is central to the culture of Davis County, serving spectacular Chinese food to the cit...

Gluten Free in SLC 1154 days ago

Friday Photos: Tulip Edition

 Mark As Read    

Have you been to George's Architectural Salvage? You may hit all the thrift stores in town, or the "we paint vintage furniture teal" stores that resell cute chairs and lamps, but George's is one of a kind. And surprisingly, he's adding new layers to his haul all the time. We found that out on our most recent visit. There were a few things we'd seen...

Gluten Free in SLC 1156 days ago

Gluten Free Salt Lake Bakery: Blossom Fine Foods

 Mark As Read    

We've got multiple local bakeries with gluten free baked goods in town. Just one of them is Blossom Fine Foods, which are packaged and carried at the Monday Market Sale of the Utah Food Co-op. I've tried the delicious fudge brownie. I also tried the berry streusel cheesecake, which isn't dairy free. Both have great taste and texture, and hit the sp...

Gluten Free in SLC 1161 days ago

Gluten Free Restaurant Review: Dickey's Barbecue Pit

 Mark As Read    

I had some dinner with a friend at Dickey's Barbecue Pit, a Texas-style barbecue chain that's relatively new in town. I know there's more than one location, including one by the Costco at 2100 South. We went to the location in West Valley while I was over in that neck of the woods. I would imagine that the staff knowledge of gluten free would vary ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1168 days ago

Gluten Free Restaurant Review: Asian Star Restaurant

 Mark As Read    

If you want a cool view of the Salt Lake Valley, warm and textural Chinese food, and friendly service, you should try out the Asian Star Restaurant in Sandy. Tucked near a movie theater just south of the Fort Union neighborhood, it even has it's own parking area, which is appreciated when the movie and shopping parking gets full in the evening.The ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1175 days ago

Astro Burger: Gluten Free Restaurant Review

 Mark As Read    

I am pretty much over the plague, so I thought you might like another great restaurant review for some good gluten free eats in Salt Lake City. A full disclosure confession - I've had these photos for months. While I wouldn't expect that they've changed their mind on gluten free, I haven't confirmed it at Astro Burger since mid-2012. So, keep that ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1207 days ago

Gluten Free Eating When You Are Under the Weather

 Mark As Read    

I have been sick since last year. I am on round two of antibiotics for a sinus infection and ear infections. I've missed days of work. I've miraculously taken flights I needed to without feeling too terrible, but I'm sure the dehydration of being in the air hardly helped my sickness. Being so down has given me a greater commitment to taking the bes...

Gluten Free in SLC 1234 days ago

Wallaby's Smokehouse: Gluten Free Restaurant Review

 Mark As Read    

If you've lived in Utah County for a length of time and have a friend, grandpa or neighbor who is gluten free, you've probably heard mention of the Australian-themed Wallaby's Smokehouse. Southern, slow-smoked BBQ restaurants can be a good bet for those needing to eat gluten free. We've eaten at several BBQ places either here in the Salt Lake Valle...

Gluten Free in SLC 1237 days ago

Sweet Spiced Walnuts

 Mark As Read    

One of the best recipes that came out of our holiday adventures showed up for Thanksgiving. These candied walnuts were amazing. Frankly, they are putting our second year of marriage on good footing.We both just survived, by a hair, the plague. Our flight to Reno was on a hot and tightly packed airplane, and the air blowing in my face left me with a...

Gluten Free in SLC 1269 days ago

Top Recipes of 2012

 Mark As Read    

What a wonderful year! We just got back from an excellent trip to Reno, Nevada to see some family. I wanted to give a shout out to some of your favorite recipes on the site this year! It's our first full year as married people, and it just gets better and better.Two of the things that have gotten a lot of traffic this year include the discussion of...

Gluten Free in SLC 1273 days ago

How I "won the county fair" and Thanksgiving 2012

 Mark As Read    

Thanksgiving this year was just delightful. It was our fifth gluten free Thanksgiving, and so many things have changed in our lives since that first one! We invited some family and a variety of gluten free friends over the join us, and we ended up with five of us enjoying a huge spread of gluten free prettiness. The night before Thanksgiving, I got...

Gluten Free in SLC 1304 days ago

Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipes

 Mark As Read    

If you're still on the lookout for great gluten free Thanksgiving recipes, here's a list of the ones I've served.[Thanksgiving 2011] [Thanksgiving 2010] [Thanksgiving 2009][Thanksgiving 2008]I'm thankful for food that doesn't hurt my body anymore, for a body that is healing, for family and friends who are kind and understanding and ever-availabl...

Gluten Free in SLC 1313 days ago

Gluten Free Restaurant Review: Sonny Brian's Smokehouse

 Mark As Read    

It's me. I had probably tricked you into thinking I had moved to a tropical island and wouldn't return to discuss good gluten free eats in Salt Lake. Thankfully, I'm still here.I discovered through a series of events that I was struggling with a vitamin deficiency, which made extracurricular activities like...typing...seem like they were difficult ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1325 days ago

Babaganoush: Creamy Garlic Eggplant Dip with Olive Oil Crostini and Millcreek Canyon

 Mark As Read    

Eggplant. Whether it's gazpacho or fries, eggplant is fall food that I look forward to seeing on the market shelves. This year's eggplant recipe is one that most people have heard the word but aren't sure what the word means: babaganoush. It's actually a creamy eggplant dip with a bright burst of lemon and fresh cilantro, along with some moody garl...

Gluten Free in SLC 1360 days ago

Malawi's Pizza, Provo: Gluten Free Restaurant Review

 Mark As Read    

It almost seems like gluten free pizza options are easy to find these days. It's great to see how fast the gluten free landscape is changing. As long as we can feel confident that the restaurants providing gluten free food will take the proper steps to avoid cross contamination!I was in Orem with my coworkers recently and we chose to go to lunch at...

Gluten Free in SLC 1374 days ago

Fresh Veggie Chips

 Mark As Read    

Last week at Harmons I found something totally irresistible.In the section where nuts and dried fruits are all packed in the same clear plastic and labeled with Harmons labels, there was a little tub of Fresh Veggie Chips. The evidence is long since gone, but the tub was filled with fresh chips made of orange and purple sweet potatoes, carrots, gre...

Gluten Free in SLC 1383 days ago

New Camera!

 Mark As Read    

This is less about food, and more about my new toy. I ordered a new camera, and it arrived yesterday.My last camera was the unfortunate victim to river water, as I tipped myself right into the rushing water with the camera in my pocket. If I had immediately snuggled it in dry white rice, it might have survived, but I didn't put it in rice for sever...

Gluten Free in SLC 1387 days ago

Neil's Halibut and Seafood: Gluten Free Restaurant Review, Draper Utah

 Mark As Read    

We used to be pros at finding the dumpy little places to find the cheapest, greasiest, and most filling food ever. I use the word dumpy in an endearing fashion. It may not be the type of eats for everyone, but if you appreciate a menu with moveable billboard letters, hand done graphic design on the menus printed at Kinkos, and some quirkiness, you ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1393 days ago

What will you be doing tonight? (Best Peach of 2012)

 Mark As Read    

Yesterday I picked up a box of Tagge's Famous Fruit peaches, which are grown not far from here. The sky has finally cleared of the forest fire smoke along the Wasatch Front, and the last bits of light through my living room window were a clear white, instead of a smoke-enhanced fiery orange. I scrubbed a few peaches, wanting to taste the juice and ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1398 days ago

Gluten Free Baked Onion Rings

 Mark As Read    

This is not my first onion ring rodeo. However, the husband starts looking at stainless steel stove hoods and kitchen remodeling equipment on the internet whenever I make onion rings the other way, with a batter instead of a breading. And I am sure to remove the 9 volt battery from the kitchen fire alarm.Approaching onion rings without the fry oil ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1402 days ago

Park City Pizza Company: Utah Gluten Free Restaurant Review

 Mark As Read    

This is evening's goal was to have fun.It was C's idea. She told me she wanted to go on the Alpine Slide at the Park City Mountain Resort. After getting off work, we headed to Park City. We were hoping to get out of the wildfire smoke in the Salt Lake Valley, but we discovered there was just as much smoke hanging over Park City. We were so excited ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1410 days ago

Vegan Chocolate Silk Pie

 Mark As Read    

This was one of those recipes that turned out like the three-ingredient peanut butter cookies. It was a little too easy, and so when I was told about it, I didn't believe it for a minute.Turns out, my friend A was right. It does work, and it was incredibly easy.When she explained it, she said it came from a recipe on the Trader Joe's website. When ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1416 days ago

FAQ: Gluten Free in SLC

 Mark As Read    

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSEverything you wanted to know about me, and the why, how and what I blog. Where do you actually shop?Even though there are lots of stores out there with gluten free foods, most foods we eat can be bought at a regular grocery store (like Smiths or Fresh Market). I would say I buy 40% of our food at the Utah Food Co-Ops Mon...

Gluten Free in SLC 1419 days ago

Fresh Apricot Coffee Cake

 Mark As Read    

Potlucks. How do you handle a potluck when you're the only gluten free person in the group?Well, that was my story, this last Monday. A group of co-workers that works closely with my team proposed a potluck, and I signed up for a dessert. My plan was to bring my own single serving main dish, and have a piece of my dessert before it was set out on t...

Gluten Free in SLC 1433 days ago

Spin Cafe in Heber, Utah: Gluten Free Restaurant Review

 Mark As Read    

People. You need to try the Spin Cafe in Heber.It's worth the road trip, and the Heber Valley is just breathtakingly beautiful. (Probably also why I heard recently that it was one of the fastest growing towns in the country of its size.)We went there for our sixth month wedding anniversary. We also went this last week with C, as part of an excellen...

Gluten Free in SLC 1439 days ago

Gluten and Dairy Free Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

 Mark As Read    

Did you all have a nice Fourth of July? It's one of our annual make-sure-we-doing-something-really-fun holidays, rather than a work-in-the-yard or watch TV holidays. In the past, we've splashed on the shores of Bear Lake or splashed down the slides at Crystal Hot Springs near Brigham City. A paradise kind of day.I'd gotten it into my head that ther...

Gluten Free in SLC 1447 days ago

Mykonos at the City Creek Food Court

 Mark As Read    

Have you been to City Creek in downtown Salt Lake City yet? Thankfully, there are a few places with gluten free options there. Today, I discovered another one, and frankly, it's a bit better than the Chick-fil-a (which works ok if you go when they aren't too busy), and taking some chances at the Taste of Red Iguana. (Some, including me, get glutene...

Gluten Free in SLC 1453 days ago

Chocolate Waffle Cookies

 Mark As Read    

I decided this year at camp (which we just returned from) that I wasn't going to whine about getting older. I wasn't going to skip the ice skating rink because my legs were tired from hiking, skip laughing with the teenagers because my head hurt from too much sun, or skip playing keep-away with a plastic ball in the swimming pool because I had alre...

Gluten Free in SLC 1462 days ago

Gluten and Dairy Free Skillet Taco Pie

 Mark As Read    

This is definitely man-food worthy.The husband is a big fan of it so far. Meaty, flavorful, includes bright colors, the crust has just a bit of crunch on it (and admittedly we leave it in the oven long enough to get that crunch), and the tiny bite of lime and garlic in the corn crust.We think you'll like this. Especially if you have a good, well-se...

Gluten Free in SLC 1480 days ago

Just because...

 Mark As Read    

Let's talk regular stuff. Then I can get around to getting some recipes up for you all, rather than mumbling to myself and wishing the photos weren't on my camera. I hope you enjoy this - I did! 1. Favorite non-dairy milk?So Delicious Original coconut milk in the red carton. Yum! It's great on Rice Chex, and in a variety of recipes.2. What are the ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1488 days ago

Dairy Free Berry "Ice Cream"

 Mark As Read    

I have a really awesome local restaurant review to share with you. Sadly, I've been wrassling with my phone for at least a week to try and get the pictures so I could share them with you! Hold tight though - I will get the pictures and show you this dining experience in all its glory!Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I whipped together some coconut mil...

Gluten Free in SLC 1510 days ago

Spiced Carrot Cake with Orange Glaze Recipe

 Mark As Read    

A simple cake with little to no frosting, and not very sweet, is the husband's favorite kind. For me, I prefer it to include a fruit or vegetable. The toasted walnut cake from this time last year nails this perfectly.But, time for a new variation.We had this delicious carrot cake as part of our Easter Sunday celebration. It was just the two of us, ...

Gluten Free in SLC 1518 days ago
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