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Gluten Free Cake Mixes: Hill Cottage Bakery

 Mark As Read    

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A Tale of 3 Universities

 Mark As Read    

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Cakes and Ale: gluten free

 Mark As Read    

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Gluten-free Dairy-free Chunky Apple Muffin Recipe

 Mark As Read    

Our in-laws are visiting, and Kid Yum had the day off from preschool so I had an unusually leisurely morning that inspired me to bake up some treats for our visitors. I asked Kid Yum what sounded good to her— suggesting carrot muffins or banana muffins. She thought for a minute and declared, "Apple Muffins!"

Book of Yum 1386 days ago

Gluten-free in San Francisco: Mariposa Ferry Building

 Mark As Read    

Mariposa Bakery SF Ferry Building address is: One Ferry Building, Suite 32 San Francisco, CA 94111 SF Bakeshop regular hours: Monday-Saturday 8-6 Sunday 10-5 tel: 510-595-0955 It had been years since I last went to the Mariposa bakeshop's outlet at the Ferry Building, but when I was exploring San Francisco this week with the DH, my Dad and Kid Yum,...

Book of Yum 1425 days ago

Gluten-free Restaurants in San Francisco: Hot Spud

 Mark As Read    

Hot Spud SF 2640 Mason Street (Between Jefferson & Beach Streets) San Francisco,CA 94133 Tel:(415)399-1065 TollFree:(888) hot-spud Fax:(415)399-0124 Some time back I read a review in GF in SF on Hot Spud, a gluten-free friendly potato-themed restaurant near Fisherman's Warf in San Francisco. I love potatoes and loved the sound of the place, so...

Book of Yum 1428 days ago

Gluten-free Vegetarian Dining in Disneyland 2013

 Mark As Read    

Five years ago I went to Disneyland and ate gluten-free there for the first time. I had been when I was a kid, but back then we had to bring a cooler with food and rough it. These days things are considerably easier with Disney supplying a list of gluten-free offerings at City Hall and

Book of Yum 1443 days ago

Adopt a Gluten-free Blogger February 2013

 Mark As Read    

These past few months have been hectic and it feels like we've had one cold after another. Ah, the joys of winter in preschool. However, I finally got the last roundup posted and I promise that this month I will not be late, either with my post or the roundup! I'm especially excited to participate

Book of Yum 1446 days ago

Vegetarian Rice Quinoa Vegetable Sushi Recipe

 Mark As Read    

Lately I've been making a lot of white rice with quinoa for Kid Yum's bentos. It has the flavor of white rice that she prefers, with some of the nutrition of quinoa that I prefer, and yet sticks together nicely at lunch time. Today I got home with Kid Yum after picking her up from

Book of Yum 1449 days ago

BaconFest Winners and Bacon Cheese Roll Recipe

 Mark As Read    

BaconFest came and went last year without even a post from me. Such delinquency I hope to remedy by providing you with the recipe for one of the winning dishes. People really stepped up their game this time. Dishes like bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with blue cheese and almonds that had people swooning in years past, […]

A Gluten Free Guide 1667 days ago

Cab Savviness

 Mark As Read    

A look at a common wine at my house the 2009 Casa Ermelinda Freitas Cabernet Sauvignon.

Wine a Day 1713 days ago

A Gifted Wine

 Mark As Read    

A look at a different wine from the USA, a Barbera.

Wine a Day 1766 days ago

Gluten-Free Waffle Cone Recipe and an Ask for Help

 Mark As Read    

Hello dear readers. I haven't forgotten about you. I have been working on a very exciting ice cream project. My business partner and I are launching a new ice cream brand called Luca and Bosco? (named after our adorable puppies). Why is that relevant to you? Because everything we make is going to be gluten-free […]

A Gluten Free Guide 1772 days ago

Palmela European City of Wine 2012

 Mark As Read    

The town of Palmela in Portugal’s Setùbal Peninsular is the European city of wine in 2012. This is the first edition of this event which will bring many festivities to the town of Palmela and Setùbal Peninsular region. This area of Portugal has a lot to offer people visiting the country. Its proximity to Lisbon,

Wine a Day 1777 days ago

Quinta dos Vales Winery

 Mark As Read    

A visit to taste the latest wines at Quinta dos Vales

Wine a Day 1885 days ago

Perfect pizza

 Mark As Read    

Perfect pizza, a photo by SeattleProPhoto on Flickr.I recently came back from a trip to Italy. What blew me away is the food. It was amazing. One dish I could not get enough of was the pizza. First of all they make it in a fire oven. The crust is thin and crunchy, there is a thin coat of tomato sauce and a sprinkle of cheese. I only wish I could...

Cooking with Katya 1893 days ago

Roasted Tomato Egglant

 Mark As Read    

One of my favorite eggplant dishes, is the Tomato Roasted Eggplant. It's a really easy dish to make and is perfect for as a "make-ahead" dish. Time to prepare: 1.5 hours (including prep time)Ingredients: 2 eggplants2 cans of diced tomato2 tbls ketchup1 onion1 green pepper3 cloves of garlic1 tbls olive oilSalt & PepperDirections: Pre-heat over a...

Cooking with Katya 1896 days ago

Our last meal (in Chicago) – Alinea

 Mark As Read    

After interrupting my Chicago write-ups to relate the magical tale of my El Bulli experience, we return to our Midwest eating adventure with the main course “ Alinea. Currently ranked the top restaurant in the United States by Restaurant Magazine, Alinea had some high expectations to live up to. Did it? Yes and No. In […]

A Gluten Free Guide 1979 days ago

A magical lunch at El Bulli

 Mark As Read    

Touted as the world's best restaurant, El Bulli, located in Roses, Spain, shuttered its doors on Sunday. It was indisputably, the toughest reservation to obtain at any restaurant, with over a million requests for tables each year. International renown surrounding El Bulli is such that even the media coverage on it is getting media coverage […...

A Gluten Free Guide 1995 days ago

Bacon and Caviar Dreams – brunch at The Publican restaurant Chicago

 Mark As Read    

Brunch is not a meal that I like to spend $$$ on or rack up calories at, but in order to make the most of our short time in Chicago last week, I made a reservation for brunch at The Publican. Famous for its beer and pork, my focus was on the food leaving to […]

A Gluten Free Guide 1996 days ago

The Aviary and The Office – I {heart} Chicago

 Mark As Read    

Fate continued to smile on us after our dinner at Next Restaurant, as Gareth and I went to The Aviary, the new cocktail bar from Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas. Visiting Chicago just to experience their creative cocktails would not be a bad idea. Where else might you find an ice chef?" Peychaud's bitters ice […]

A Gluten Free Guide 2001 days ago

Next Restaurant – a new food adventure begins in Chicago

 Mark As Read    

Sometimes the fates conspire to create a perfect evening. Sometimes you are the beneficiary of the fates. This is the story of the fates smiling on me. Planning a trip to Chicago a few months ago, the highlight seemed to be a dinner scheduled at Alinea – only the top restaurant in the U.S.! Of […]

A Gluten Free Guide 2003 days ago

Gluten-Free NYC Restaurants – Taim Falafel

 Mark As Read    

I first heard about Taim Falafel when interviewing the lovely Tully about her (about to be launched at the time) gluten-free bakery. As much research as I do on gluten-free foods and eating, I hadn't realized that such a gluten-free haven existed. Taim offers three types of gluten-free falafel daily and perhaps the most delicious […]

A Gluten Free Guide 2019 days ago

I’m back!

 Mark As Read    

After a few tough months, and a much needed blog break, I'm back to blogging. I hope you all didn't forget me. Much deliciousness to come.

A Gluten Free Guide 2019 days ago

Ode to Rice Krispies Treats

 Mark As Read    

photo credit: stevendepoloThe following is a guest post by my wife, Lynley SanGeorge.There are a lot of times when I am brought back to childhood¦.like right before a storm when I catch the scent of rain in the summer air before the downpour ensues, or the laughter of neighborhood children carried by the refreshing breeze. The five senses are powe...

Good Without Gluten 2027 days ago

Mother Vine

 Mark As Read    

A look at Ken Payton's (from the blog Reign of Terrior) movie on small Portuguese wine producers and their stories.

Wine a Day 2057 days ago

Algave Allure

 Mark As Read    

A taste of something different being produced in the Algarve - yes the Algarve!

Wine a Day 2078 days ago

Something Different From Portugal – Herdade do Portocarro

 Mark As Read    

A look at the wines from Herdade do Portocarro with unique terroir and complex red wines.

Wine a Day 2126 days ago

Shades of Grey

 Mark As Read    

I’d been to Libertine in North Melbourne last year to drink Tahbilk wines matched with their excellent cuisine, so when we read on the Del Zotto website that they were doing a similar thing with their wines, we jumped at the invite. There’s something about the name Libertine that entrances me. I suppose it’s my love

Wine a Day 2144 days ago

Butternut Squash Soup with Ginger

 Mark As Read    

When I was young the word squash was a "bad" word to me. If my mother were to say "come on, we're having squash for dinner", my first inclination would be to run and hide! First off the word itself conjures something that isn't whole, but that has either been stepped on, or dropped. When you squash food it becomes indistinct and unrecognizable. To ...

Good Without Gluten 2159 days ago

This Blog is Changing and moving.

 Mark As Read    

Gluten-Free Greenie is changing names and moving host. In a way I really hate to see her go, she has been a good friend to me, but I want to spread my wings a bit.My new blog is titled Wendy Cooks and will be hosted at WordPress.There are many reasons I've decided to make this change. 1. If I host a giveaway on WordPress my readers can give their ...

gluten-free greenie 2203 days ago

Asian Vegetable Soup

 Mark As Read    

Yesterday I had an Endoscope done and found out that I have to follow a diet for Acid Reflux. (He also took some biopsies so I should find out about that in about a week.)There's going to be quite a few changes to my diet. The biggest ones are No Onions, and No Tomatoes. That is going to be so hard. I love a good tomato sauce, and I cook almost...

gluten-free greenie 2203 days ago

Another Year

 Mark As Read    

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.- Neil GaimanI could not have said it better m...

gluten-free greenie 2208 days ago

Spinach and Cheese Scramble - Dark Days S.O.L.E. food

 Mark As Read    

This is just a simple scramble I made this morning, but I used all S.O.L.E. (Sustainable, Organic, Local, Ethical) ingredients. As you probably know by now (unless this is the first post of mine that you are reading), I'm unofficially following the (not so) Urban Hennery's Dark Days Challenge to create a meal a week during the winter using as many...

gluten-free greenie 2210 days ago

Bean Burgers, Greens, and Baby Turnips

 Mark As Read    

After I made the pot full of Field Peas for one of the Dark Days Challenge meals I've been making, I had a lot of beans left over and decided to try and make Bean Burgers. (I actually made this on December 22nd, I just forgot to post it.)I actually got started a little late with the Dark Days Challenge, so this can be my make up recipe. : )This m...

gluten-free greenie 2211 days ago

Against the Grain Frozen Nut-free Pesto Pizza

 Mark As Read    

I've eaten Against the Grain breads before, but I haven't tried their frozen pizza. (The rolls are great as hamburger buns, but quite expensive; and the baguettes are wonderful too, but also expensive.)I saw the pizza at Earth Fare, but I didn't buy it for quite some time. It cost $10.99 for a 12 inch pizza, and frankly I haven't been very happy ...

gluten-free greenie 2212 days ago

S.O.L.E. Food 3. Roasted Chicken, Collards, and Blue Sweet Potato Fries

 Mark As Read    

Roasted Chicken, Stir Fried Collards, and Baked Blue Sweet Potato FriesAs I've mentioned before, I've unofficially taken on the 4th Annual Dark Days Challenge from the (not so) Urban Hennery.The challenge is to make a meal a week during the winter using S.O.L.E. foods (Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical).This week we got a local Chicken, and ...

gluten-free greenie 2214 days ago

Chili with Ground Turkey

 Mark As Read    

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the Chili I made on Christmas Eve. It was devoured so fast, I didn't have a chance to get a shot. I'm sorry.However, it was very tasty and I thought I'd share the recipe with you.Chili with Ground Turkey a couple of tablespoons of olive oil (or you could just spray your pan)1 lb. Ground Turkey 1 medium whit...

gluten-free greenie 2214 days ago

PF Chang's for Christmas Dinner

 Mark As Read    

I know, I would normally post some wonderful Christmas recipes that I've made myself for a scrumptious Gluten-Free Christmas dinner, but this year we decided to have a very relaxed Christmas and ordered Chinese from PF Chang's Gluten-Free menu. What a wonderful idea that was, especially since I've had a migraine most of the day.It has been a very ...

gluten-free greenie 2215 days ago


 Mark As Read    

When our daughter lay in the ICU on her second day of being alive in the world, we stood above her bed and asked her to breathe. Her small hands were strapped to the bed because she was already so strong she nearly ripped out her breathing tube. (Somehow, though, she kept making a Buddhist mudra with her fingers and held it.) Her feet were tangled ...

Gluten-Free Girl 2217 days ago

gluten-free shortbread

 Mark As Read    

I made three batches of shortbread yesterday. Yes, I'm a little nuts. It's the last day of posting holiday cookie recipes around here. After jam tarts, gingerbread men, coconut sugar cookies, cannolis, plus 8 more, you think I'd be done. That's an even dozen, right? (Plus, if you go over to our friend Silvana Nardone's blog, Dish Towel Diaries,...

Gluten-Free Girl 2217 days ago

gluten-free Mexican wedding cookies

 Mark As Read    

Mexican wedding cookies. Of all the requests people had for gluten-free holiday cookies, I think this was the most requested. Finely ground nuts, butter and shortening, gluten-free flours, and powdered sugar. It isn't much more complicated than that. All that deliciousness and it's easy too? Sign me up. Now this cookie, with tiny variations of sh...

Gluten-Free Girl 2218 days ago

gluten-free cannoli

 Mark As Read    

"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." I'm tempted to write only this. After all, it's the only phrase I hear in my head when someone says cannoli. Probably you too. (And if you don't know what it is, look here. Watch out ”As you're going to want spaghetti and meatballs after watching this movie.) However, I want to share just this bit more. I am...

Gluten-Free Girl 2219 days ago

gluten-free spritz cookies

 Mark As Read    

We are coming into the home stretch of holiday cookies and goodies around here. I don't want to think about how many pounds of butter, flours, and sugar have been used in this kitchen the past month. I can't even calculate how many times the paddle of the KitchenAid has whirled around these weeks. Every day I am a little bit tempted to throw up my ...

Gluten-Free Girl 2220 days ago

S.O.L.E. Menu - Field Peas, Broccoli Raab, Mashed Sweet Potatoes

 Mark As Read    

I've unofficially taken on the 4th Annual Dark Days Challenge from the (not so) Urban Hennery.The challenge is to make a meal a week during the winter using SOLE foods (Sustainable, Organic, Local, and Ethical). This is much more of a challenge during the winter than during the spring and summer when there are lots of fruits and vegetables we can ...

gluten-free greenie 2220 days ago

gluten-free cake pops

 Mark As Read    

This is a cake pop. It's a cake pop made by my wonderfully talented and lovely friends Jessie (also known as Cakespy) and Megan (also known as Not Martha).If you are lucky enough to know people who want to spend the afternoon with you crumbling up cake with their hands, manipulating marzipan, and making zombie santas into the evening? You know yo...

Gluten-Free Girl 2224 days ago

gluten-free date-walnut bars

 Mark As Read    

We can't seem to stop buying new cookbooks. I mean, after that list of our favorite 12 of 2010, we should be done for a bit. There are plenty of meals to be made in that towering stack. However, the lure of another good cookbook is powerful. On the other hand, we can't go broke on cookbooks. Solution? I've been buying all our "new" cookbooks at...

Gluten-Free Girl 2225 days ago

Using those packets of take out sauce.

 Mark As Read    

Do you go to a certain restaurant that gives you little packets or containers of sauce that you like (and is gluten-free of course)? I love Pei Wei's Gluten Free Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls, but they always give me two containers of sauce and I only use one, so I save one. I looked in my refrigerator drawer the other day and realized I had 9 of...

gluten-free greenie 2225 days ago

gluten-free ginger-lemon bars

 Mark As Read    

I spent about 15 minutes this morning fretting that this photograph wasn't good enough. It's messy. You can't see the ooze on the cookies. The top cracked ” I ran out of AP flour before I needed 46 grams of it, so I just used sweet rice flour. Don't do that anymore, Shauna. Too starchy. It doesn't hold together the same way. I wanted to hide that...

Gluten-Free Girl 2226 days ago

gluten-free honey-spice madeleines

 Mark As Read    

All of Proust's remembrances began with one bite of a madeleines. I have a confession. I still haven't read all of Proust's books. Try as I might, several times, I could never make it past the first 60 pages. Well, you're saying, most of us haven't. I know. But I was a literature major, an English teacher, an avid reader from the age of 2. I've r...

Gluten-Free Girl 2227 days ago
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