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Roasted Asparagus

 Mark As Read    

Time to prepare: 10minIngredients: Asparagus/lemon/almond oilDirectionsWash and chop off the bottoms of the asparagusPlace asparagus on the grillAs the asparagus is grilling brush over with almond oilTurn the asparagus and brush over againSalt and pepper while on the grillRoast asparagus for roughly 5-7minOnce removed from grill sprinkle is fresh s...

Cooking with Katya 2786 days ago

Desert Island Cookbook List

 Mark As Read    

I bought the Science Teacher Culinary Artistry for Christmas one year. Towards the end, the chefs featured in the book rattle off their desert island lists, the ten or so ingredients they would choose to spend eternity with if stranded on a desert island. I seem to remember that olive oil recurs the most.Enter the desert island cookbook list.With o...

Refresh Salad

 Mark As Read    

Time to prepare: 10 minIngredients:3 cups of cole slaw cabbage mix2 tomato1 bunch of green onion1/2 small onionDressing:cilantro/dillsalt/pepper1 tsp sour cream1 tsp mayosprinkle vinegar (1tsp)squeeze lemon juiceDirections:mix all veggies in a bowlcreate dressingcombine veggies and dressing

Cooking with Katya 2796 days ago

Spring Halibut Steak

 Mark As Read    

Time to prepare: 10 minTime to cook: 12 minIngredients:2 halibut steaks3 garlic cloveslemonsalt and pepperdill1tsp of olive oiloregano/thyme/ or cilantro (fresh)Directions: wash and dry the halibut steakslight salt and peppersqueeze lemon over the fishadd minced garlic and dilladd oregano/thyme/or cilantro (I recommend using fresh herbs)cover and p...

Cooking with Katya 2800 days ago

Sautee Shrimp

 Mark As Read    

Time to prepare - 10minIngredients:1/2 pound of shrimp (roughly 16 shrimps)- please note this is the larger types of shrimps1 small onion1 tsp of olive oillemon juice2 cloves of garlicsalt/pepper/ chivesDirections:clean the shrimpchop the onion in small thin circlesheat the 1tsp of oiladd onionsadd shrimpssqueeze lemon juice (half a lemon)add 2 clo...

Cooking with Katya 2804 days ago

Broiled Salmon

 Mark As Read    

Time to prepare: 25 minZone breakdown: 1 blocks of carbs/1 blocks of fat/ (the image you see was 10oz of salmon and fed 3 people)Ingredients:1lb raw salmon1 small onionlemonsalt and pepperdill1tsp of olive oilbbq soy sauceDirections: turn your oven to broilspread olive oil and diced onions on the bottom of the baking sheetwash and dry salmon/ place...

Cooking with Katya 2804 days ago

Blueberry muffins via Zone

 Mark As Read    

To help inspire me, my boyfriend got me the Zone cookbook. Typically, I am not a big fan of cook books and like to come up with my own idea and recipes, but in this case I thought that referring to the experts may be better. I decided to make some blueberry muffins per the Zone recipe. After reviewing the recipe, I made a few alterations and here's...

Cooking with Katya 2804 days ago

Spicy Grean Beans

 Mark As Read    

Time to prepare: 15 minIngredients:• 4 cups of greens beans• 1 chopped small onion• 1.5 tsp of olive oil• 2 tbs of soy sauce• 1 tsp red chili sauce• 2 clove of garlic• handful of cilantro• salt pepper• lemon juiceDirections:• mince onion/garlic/cilantro• heat oil on skillet• add onion and green beans• saute for 5-7min• mix sauce (soy sauce, red chi...

Cooking with Katya 2804 days ago

Date-Hazelnut Balls Dipped in Chocolate

 Mark As Read    

Better (way) late than never.For a holiday that's infamous for a week without bread, Passover sure involves a heck of a lot of food that contains matzo. Everyone has an odd favorite food to eat while being afflicted--matzo brie, for instance--and there are whole cookbooks devoted to soaking, pounding, and grinding matzo into food that's meant to be...

Coconut Cake

 Mark As Read    

My daughter Kaisa had her 6th birthday.  As usual she told me what she wanted for her cake.  Since she had declared what this was not long after her 5th birthday I was curious to see if her request had changed now that a year had passed.  It had.  In many ways I was relieved

Baking Love 2844 days ago

Millet: Bring On the Bird Seed

 Mark As Read    

I probably used millet for the first time in preschool. Remember those pinecone bird feeders smeared with peanut butter and rolled in birdseed? I've never been particularly interested in birds or the composition of their food, which means I didn't actually learn that millet is a key component of ordinary birdseed until I was an adult.My first encou...

High-Protein Breakfast Smoothies

 Mark As Read    

The Little Potamus sucking down a pint of smoothie.I've never thought of a smoothie as a meal in itself. A great addition to a weekend breakfast maybe. A good use for last-summer's berries. A reminder that it won't snow forever. But smoothies never seem to have the staying power or the chew factor that I usually deem necessary in my breakfasts. Pro...

Whats for breakfast?

 Mark As Read    

One issues those of us who follow gluten free diets have is what to eat for breakfast. If you think about it almost all traditional breakfasts are based on gluten ingredients. The obvious one that doesn't is eggs. Don't get me wrong, I like (maybe even love) eggs, but I can not eat them every single day, although I did try for a while! And who has ...

Good Without Gluten 2855 days ago

Go Michelle O!

 Mark As Read    

When I saw Michelle Obama on the cover of O Magazine with Oprah, I winced then yanked open the magazine to the interview. Like a lot of people, I think I get my American royalty fix from reading about their lives but I also hate feeling like this incredibly professionally experienced woman is reduced to a great pair of arms, nice clothes, and sound...

Preventing Cross-Contamination in Kitchens

 Mark As Read    

By now, anyone who has celiac disease knows that gluten can be hard to avoid at times; not only is it a part of common wheat products, but its also prevalent in a lot of processed foods that you would otherwise think wouldn't contain gluten. But the threat of cross-contamination is something that not as many people are aware of, especially the fol...

Good Without Gluten 2869 days ago

A Meal To Remember

 Mark As Read    

I really don't like to complain about being on a gluten-free diet. There are things that I can't eat, but most of these things aren't very healthy, and I do my best to ignore them. A few weeks ago I had an experience that is worth sharing because it illustrates the type of frustrations people on a gluten-free diet face, and highlights the need for ...

Good Without Gluten 2880 days ago

Gluten Free in the Greens is Moving...

 Mark As Read    

Physically but not virtually. The Science Teacher and I just accepted teaching positions in Tbilisi, Georgia, for the next two years. Wow.There's a back story here that needs to be told. Once upon a time there lived an undiagnosed celiac girl who loved all things Slavic. She discovered Russian in high school, majored in Russian in college, spent a ...

Great Gluten-Free Resource

 Mark As Read    

Great blogs are partly about creating new and interesting content and partly about gathering and disseminating information. Rachel over at The Crispy Cook does both. She always has great recipes, but now she's compiled a list of 101 gluten-free blogs. If you haven't branched out recently into new gluten-free blogs, head on over to see what new thou...

Gluten-Free Herbed Cheese Bread

 Mark As Read    

The snow is piled up to the window sill after the storm last week (and the Science Teacher still didn't have a snow day!) and the forecast calls for the temperature to sink to 10 or 20 below night. We're hunkered down with cups of coffee, Car Talk, and the blessed quiet of the Little Pottamus's nap time. What better time to bake a loaf of bread?Yea...

Adopt-a-Gluten-Free-Blogger Healthy Resolution Edition: Straight Into Bed Cakefree and Dried

 Mark As Read    

I've wanted to participate in one of the Adopt-a-Gluten-Free-Blogger events--conceived of and sponsored by Book of Yum--for quite a while. It's such a great idea--giving us bloggers an opportunity to interact with each other on a somewhat deeper level than the normal reading and commenting. When I saw this month's theme (Healthy Gluten-Free Recipes...

White Cake with Chocolate 7-Minute Icing

 Mark As Read    

It's about time this post got, well, posted. The youngest son had his 2nd birthday (more than a month ago). I had the idea to make a cake for him with chocolate 7-minute icing, since I've never tried that before and he loves chocolate and the marshmallowy texture of 7-minute icing. I

Baking Love 2930 days ago

Gluten-Free Homemade Grape Nuts

 Mark As Read    

I got pregnant a month after going gluten free. All I wanted was to wake up to starchy comfort food, but being new to the world of GF buying and cooking, I had a hard time finding anything I wanted to eat. I wrote an entire post a while back on gluten-free breakfast ideas hoping to help newbies out. I have found quite a few hot breakfast cereals th...

Roasted Root Vegetables with Fennel

 Mark As Read    

I am very affected by the weather and the seasons when I prepare food. Certain summer foods I wouldn't dream of eating in the winter months and vice versa.The word "roasted" conjures up all kinds of warm images, fired in a toasty hearth. These are the hot and hearty foods that I crave on cold days. There is something especially appealing to me abou...

Good Without Gluten 2955 days ago

Menus for Nov. 17 and Election Thoughts

 Mark As Read    

After a long absence, I'm back to the Gluten-Free in the Greens. Thanks to those of you who wrote asking if all was well. Your emails made me feel part of a community, not just a lone voice talking to the void. My last post at the end of June came just as we embarked on a lonnnggg road trip to see family and friends (a great reason that I wasn't po...

Peanut Butter Honey Brownies

 Mark As Read    

This recipe I came up with on the fly, out of the blue, in order to have something quick and easy for dessert. I looked around at other recipes but I can't find anything really that it is like. As you may have noticed I really love baking cakes and that's what I

Baking Love 3043 days ago

Gluten Free Menu Swap- September 8, 2008

 Mark As Read    

I am excited to host the menu swap this week.  I am hoping to get some inspiration to cook again.  The pregnancy has kept me out of the kitchen for the most part.  Since I won't be experiencing relief from morning sickness anytime soon (22 weeks in my other two), I am making tons of

Gluten Free Mommy 3053 days ago

Japanese Steak House Blues

 Mark As Read    

After over four years of living with Celiac Disease, I've found that eating out still isn't easy, and often it isn't very satisfying. Tonight I went to a Japanese steak house, Kabuto Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar in Greensboro, NC. I used to enjoy going to Japanese restaurants, but this is the first time I've been to a Japanese steak house sin...

Good Without Gluten 3060 days ago

Ginger Flank Steak

 Mark As Read    

We are back from our Colorado vacation! Colorado really is a boys' paradise- no matter how little they are! We are slowly settling back into our routine. I hope to get back to regular weekly menus and recipe postings very soon! I also hope to tackle my emails and comments in short order. To get

Gluten Free Mommy 3066 days ago

Redbridge Chocolate Cake

 Mark As Read    

Woohoo! A cake made with beer! I'm not a big fan of beer, but Brian is. I'm the chocolate cake fan. This cake looked quite toothsome and I really wanted to see if the beer gave it a unique taste. I came across it on The Village Green. Thanks

Baking Love 3081 days ago

Banana Split Bars

 Mark As Read    

Another winner from Cookie Madness. I had some bananas I wanted to use so I decided this would be an interesting recipe to try. They are very fruity and have a soft texture that is not crumbly from all the fruit in them. I used dried reconstituted cherries to use up some

Baking Love 3087 days ago

Gluten Free Menu Swap- August 4, 2008

 Mark As Read    

We are leaving at the end of the week for Colorado, so I will not be doing much cooking this week. There are clothes to pack, rooms to clean, and meals to plan! We will be gone for two whole weeks, so it will be quiet on the blog for awhile. I will miss the

Gluten Free Mommy 3088 days ago

Daring Bakers’ Filbert Gateau

 Mark As Read    

This month's Daring Bakers challenge came from Great Cakes: Over 250 Recipes to Bake, Share, and Enjoy by Carole Walter. I made this month's challenge for the Daring Bakers twice! The recipe was quite a challenge to make in the summertime even in my air conditioned kitchen. The whipped cream, buttercream, and ganache kept melting

Gluten Free Mommy 3093 days ago

Strawberry Cake

 Mark As Read    

A little while ago, Cris over at Conviviality, emailed me requesting help with a Strawberry Cake. I had never made a gluten free strawberry cake, so I didn't have any wisdom to offer her at the time. Since that email, I have wanted to make a very happy pink strawberry cake! This cake is delicious

Gluten Free Mommy 3096 days ago

Gluten Free Menu Swap- July 28, 2008

 Mark As Read    

I am trying to keep it simple this week by making stand-by recipes. I have to make several cakes this week, so I want dinner to be easy to put together. I also have a few recipes I need to get on the blog, so I don't want to get overwhelmed ! The Gluten Free

Gluten Free Mommy 3096 days ago

Braised Kale with Sesame Seeds

 Mark As Read    

Kale is a relatively new favorite at our house.  I discovered kale after food blogging and have been using it more and more in my cooking.  I started with Pesto Penne with Kale, Mushrooms, and Bacon and have moved on to braver uses of kale.  My husband loves that pasta recipe, but was reluctant to try this recipe until

Gluten Free Mommy 3099 days ago

Strawberry Cake with Green Icing

 Mark As Read    

This cake was made in honour of my eldest son's fourth birthday. Unlike his older sister, he hadn't been talking on end about what he wanted his birthday cake to look like. A few days before his birthday, I asked him what he wanted it to be. He said he wanted "green

Baking Love 3101 days ago

Peach Cobbler

 Mark As Read    

I have gone a little nuts for peach cobbler. I have made several and this is one of my favorite versions. My husband, resident taste-tester, was thoroughly interrogated and he swears he loves it. I think he is beginning to regret this role as blog taste-tester. My perfectionist tendencies frequently result in fewer blog postings,

Gluten Free Mommy 3102 days ago

Gluten Free Menu Swap- July 14, 2008

 Mark As Read    

Today is Dan's birthday. He is a year old! We are celebrating with a homemade gluten free birthday cake at home today. (I have to beat last year's hit, Lighter than Air Chocolate Cake, made by my sister, Caroline.) He had his very festive pirate birthday party (complete with costumes) last weekend with just the

Gluten Free Mommy 3109 days ago

Bombay Chicken

 Mark As Read    

This is a fairly simple gluten free recipe that I can make with a few pantry ingredients. I am adding this to my rotation because my husband and I really enjoyed it. We tried to get our toddlers to eat it, but the best they did was eat the chicken with ketchup. Oh well, I

Gluten Free Mommy 3110 days ago

Chattanooga Chew-Chews

 Mark As Read    

Here is another good recipe from Anna at Cookie Madness. Just the name alone is amusing enough for me to want to bake them. When my kids tried to pronounce the name it came out as "Chooga Chew-Chews" at first, then shortened up to just "Chew-Chews". These are tasty bars and to

Baking Love 3113 days ago

Tres Leches

 Mark As Read    

This recipe for Tres Leches Cake is from The Food Network. I saw Alton Brown's episode on Tres Leches Cake and went looking for his recipe first. When I couldn't find it right away, I stopped to look at the other recipes and decided on a different one with more eggs and less

Baking Love 3134 days ago

My One-Pot Meal: Tamale Pie

 Mark As Read    

I'm participating in the "Go Ahead Honey, It's Gluten-Free" Blogging Event for the first time! The theme is "One-Pot Meals." Maybe soon I'll actually get around to hosting an event...In any case, tamale pie is my one-pot entry. It's a natural one-pot meal. You get your veggies, protein, and grain all in one whack. It's also versatile: I've made thi...

Asian-Style Tofu Loaf

 Mark As Read    

I grew up pretty much unaware of tofu as food that I might actually want to eat. Most of the meals I remember centered around meat: chicken casserole, hamburger goulash, baked flounder, etc. Not terribly unusual for someone whose grandparents grew up on farms.I first encountered tofu on a regular basis in college, where firm tofu was ubiquitous on...

Corn with Roasted Red Peppers

 Mark As Read    

The weather was beautiful last weekend here in North Carolina, that is until just after the guests arrived for my daughter's fourth birthday party. As the last people were coming in I looked up to see ominous black clouds blowing in from the West. That's when I thought "I better get the food on the grill!" It began to rain just as I put the first o...

Good Without Gluten 3146 days ago

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Icing

 Mark As Read    

I'm back after a two-week hiatus! I've just started a new part-time job and am still juggling my old part-time job (as well as my full-time+ job as a stay-at-home mommy). All of that has led to not as much cooking experimentation. We've been eating some old favorites and emptying out the freezer--after all, it's almost blueberry season here, and I ...

Mojo pork chops with Mango salsa

 Mark As Read    

I've been into making a lot of Latin American inspired dishes lately and I was looking for a more authentic Cuban flavor to add to meat so I asked a friend who was born in Cuba and grew up in Miami for a recommendation. She told me to get Mojo marinade,the name rang a bell and when I found it at the store I actually remembered having used it years ...

Good Without Gluten 3158 days ago

Moving to LA!

 Mark As Read    

We're moving to Los Angeles, California! Yeah!As  Our journey begins this Saturday, the 24th, which is my birthday as well. I wish I could bake a cake for the trip but my baking supplies and utensils are all packed away. Awwwww . My blogging has slowed in the last few

Baking Love 3161 days ago

Roasted Garlic Salsa

 Mark As Read    

The season for salsa is here! We got together with our neighbors for a Cinco de Mayo dinner last week. The following salsa along with an avocado salad, my black bean salsa, and roasted chicken over arroz amarillo (yellow rice), washed down by Jose Cuervo Margaritas was a great way to welcome the warm weather. Although our cuisine was more Cuban tha...

Good Without Gluten 3169 days ago

Weekly Menus: May 11

 Mark As Read    

Our menu this week comes mostly from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. Recently, he's inspired me to cook my own beans instead of buying canned. I never realized how easy it is. With a 12-hr soak, the beans are usually cooked in less than an hour. I plan to use them in a few meals and freeze the rest. For the price of two cans of P...

Baked Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon Sugar

 Mark As Read    

When my children were babies they both used to love sweet potatoes. I would cook huge batches, puree them and freeze in ice cube trays (perfect one ounce portions) to feed them over a few weeks. But lately neither of them will eat, or even try sweet potatoes. Knowing how good sweet potatoes can taste, and especially how good they are for you, I was...

Good Without Gluten 3178 days ago
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