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GFW: Chocolate Donuts, Zucchini Muffins & Chocolate Covered Mango

 Mark As Read    

Happy October!  Welcome to another week of sharing great gluten-free eating recipes and ideas. There are so many great recipes showing up each week, I can’t wait to see what is in store for this week. This carnival is co-hosted by my friends Shirley of gfe–gluten free easily (and All Gluten-Free Desserts) and Lynn of […] The post GFW: C...

Two Rivers Cider | Triumph Dining Product Review

 Mark As Read    

Blood Orange, Huckleberry, and Pomegranate are not typical flavors you’ll find in a cider but at Two Rivers Cider Company in Sacramento, California, those are just a few of the fruits they pair with apples to make their award-winning, gluten-free, preservative-free ciders. It’s no wonder that they have the reputation as one of the most […]Cli...

Gluten Free at Papa Murphy

 Mark As Read    

I recently enjoyed a gluten free pizza from Papa Murphy's. Since Papa' Murphy's  does not guarantee that the entire kitchen is gluten free, I ordered ‘sauce only' and (of course) baked it in my own gluten free kitchen. I enjoyed my pizza very much and will certainly be a regular customer. The price was identical to the […]...

GFW: Dairy-Free Pumpkin Pie Smoothie, Gluten-Free Rolls, Protein Muffins, and Rum Coffee Adult Slushie

 Mark As Read    

I’m away from my usual work desk, enjoying, learning, and having lots of fun with Mr. GFE at the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference (FABCon), the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Phoenix. Here are a few quick photos of our trip thus far. But trips aside, it’s time for Gluten-Free Wednesdays (GFW) once again! GFW is the […](Visit my blog for the full p...

Gluten-Free Roasted Chocolate Cake | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

Roasting, although basic, is an easy way to develop flavor in your food. In the process of turning cocoa beans into chocolate, roasting is a necessary and important step that removes the bacteria and bitterness from the bean and develops the more familiar, chocolate flavor that we are used to tasting. If you tried a […]Click to continue readi...

Pumpkin Breakfast Bars

 Mark As Read    

These pumpkin breakfast bars are really just a variation on my paleo granola bars. The addition of pumpkin and egg to the recipe gives it a more soft, moist texture, but it still contains the nuts and seeds. I find these ideal for a quick and easy breakfast. They also make a great snack, but […] The post Pumpkin Breakfast Bars appeared first ...

No Title

 Mark As Read    

"Unless people are very careful, a gluten free diet can lack vitamins, minerals, and fiber." That was the least of my concerns when I adopted the gluten free lifestyle in 1999. I was advised to forget everything I thought I knew about nutrition. My goal was to find food that enabled me to make it through […]

California Pizza Kitchen | Triumph Dining Review

 Mark As Read    

California Pizza Kitchen has gluten-free pizza! Does this sound like old news? It is. Sort of. Back in 2011 CPK introduced a gluten-free pizza crust to their menu but did little else to ensure its offering was gluten-free and they got panned (no pun intended). After all, most of us know by now that having […]Click to continue reading »

Watch “Daily bread: Can ANY human body handle gluten? | …” on YouTube

 Mark As Read    

Daily bread: Can ANY human body handle gluten? | …: http://youtu.be/J6JrHteOsIIFiled under: Celiac Disease

Auntjayne's Blog 33 days ago

Gluten-Free Menu Plan 9-27-14

 Mark As Read    

With the arrival of fall, I’m back to using my oven, though I haven’t started making soups yet. You’ll see that reflected in this week’s gluten-free menu plan. I hope it helps you in planning your meals for the week. The recipes in this menu plan are all gluten free. I also provide suggestions for […] The post Gluten-Free Menu Plan 9-27-14 ap...

Gluten Free Student Starter Pack

 Mark As Read    

The post Gluten Free Student Starter Pack appeared first on  Free From.

? 35 days ago

Gluten-Free Cocoa Pancakes with Raspberry Sauce

 Mark As Read    

If you are one of those families that eats breakfast together every morning because the evenings are just too crazy with sports / homework / showers then this recipe may turn into one of your favorites. It’s a little sweet for breakfast every day but it is a good enticement to get everyone out of […]Click to continue reading »

Friday Favorite: Trader Joe’s Apple & Mango Fruit Bars

 Mark As Read    

I like things simple… pure… natural… and no fuss. That is why I was thrilled to find the new Fruit Bars at my local Trader Joe’s. Made with just fruit (my favorite the Apple & Mango has just that as ingredients… JUST apples and mangoes) these bars are not only gluten-free, but vegan and raw.

Be Free For Me Blog 35 days ago

TIP OF THE DAY: Millet, A Gluten Free Whole Grain

 Mark As Read    

Today’s tip comes from Bob’s Red Mill, where there’s always something new and delicious to discover. Our recent discovery: millet, a gluten free, ancient whole grain. Easily used as a replacement for rice and bulgur wheat with millet in a salad with dates and pistachio to benefit from the whole grain, gluten free and high […]

Daura Gluten Free Beer | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

For any gluten-free beer lovers out there, have you tried Daura? Created by Spanish company, Estrella Damn; based in Barcelona, it’s quite the hit amongst the gluten-free community in the UK and Europe. The popularity of this de-glutenized gluten-free lager is now growing on this side of the pond. I’m seeing it more and more […]Click to conti...

Butternut Squash Pear Soup Recipe

 Mark As Read    

One of the reasons I love September in Utah is the fresh produce. The Co-op Market is under construction right now, so I haven't been there in probably two months. I'm wishing for my favorite grass-fed beef and chicken breasts right now. I'm tired of paying the Whole Foods price for my meat and ready to get back to the actually local, cheaper, and ...

Gluten Free in SLC 37 days ago

GFW: Top 10 Gluten-Free Cake Recipes, Gluten-Free Baking Mix, Crescent Rolls & Vegan Mug Blondie

 Mark As Read    

I’m back for Gluten-Free Wednesdays (GFW), the weekly blog carnival that I co-host with my friends Linda of The Gluten-Free Homemaker and Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. We love to connect with our readers. Here’s how to follow each of us: Shirley (me) – Blog Updates (gfe and All Gluten-Free Desserts), Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ Linda...

GFW: Crescent Rolls, Pumpkin Souffle & Blueberry Coffee Cake

 Mark As Read    

Fall is here and I’m enjoying all the fall recipes being shared lately!  I look forward to seeing some linked up here this week. If you’re new to the carnival, be sure to check the guidelines below. This carnival is co-hosted by my friends Shirley of gfe–gluten free easily (and All Gluten-Free Desserts) and Lynn […] The post GFW: Cresce...

Win-It-Wednesday: Teeccino Gluten-Free Dandelion Herbal Coffee Alternative & TeeChia Super Seed Cereal

 Mark As Read    

The mornings are getting chilly once again. And as my slippered feet pitter-patter their way down the hallway and into the kitchen of my old New England Saltbox colonial, I find myself dreaming about the steaming hot cup of Teeccino Herbal ‘coffee’ and Teechia cereal to start-off my day. As many of you already know

Be Free For Me Blog 37 days ago

Paleo Bagels

 Mark As Read    

Paleo Bagels are perfect for a festive low-carb brunch. They're fantastic toasted, then topped with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, along with tomato or cucumber. If you can consume dairy, Paleo Bagels are wonderful with organic cultured cream cheese. When I went grain-free in 2001, I thought my love affair with bagels had come to an end. But th...

Elana's Pantry 38 days ago

Lemon Blueberry Waffles from OATRageous Oatmeals Cookbook Plus Review & Giveaway

 Mark As Read    

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a new cookbook with you, OATRageous Oatmeals: Delicious & Surprising Plant-Based Dishes From This Humble, Heart-Healthy Grain, by Kathy Hester. Kathy blogs at Healthy Slow Cooking and is the author of three bestselling cookbooks:  The Vegan Slow Cooker, The Great Vegan Bean Book, and Vegan Slow Cooking for [...

Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

 Mark As Read    

These paleo pumpkin muffins are soft, moist, and full of fall flavors. For so long I avoided using almond and coconut flours because I didn’t have to use them. Now that I am grain free, I do have to use them (if I want to bake), and I’m wondering why I didn’t use them sooner. […] The post Paleo Pumpkin Muffins appeared first on The Gluten-Fre...

Computer Tips For People Who Live Gluten Free

 Mark As Read    

The internet is a powerful tool for people who gluten free IF these realities are kept in mind: REALITIES OF THE INTERNET: ? Anyone can say anything they want to say on the internet. There are no requirements for factual accuracy, relevance, or good taste. There are no editors. Everything is the responsibility of the reader. […]

Gluten-Free Menu Plan 9-20-14

 Mark As Read    

One of my boys has a birthday coming up this week (it’s a big one too—18!), and I know he’ll most likely want carrot cake, so I’ve included it on this week’s gluten-free menu plan. You’ll find a number of family favorites this week that are sure to be hits at your house too. The […] The post Gluten-Free Menu Plan 9-20-14 appeared first on The...

Restaurant Review: Grease Box in Oakland, California

 Mark As Read    

Lizzy Boelter, the chef-owner of Grease Box , a gluten-free Southern restaurant in Oakland, California, opened her restaurant for the same reason many other gluten-free people do – lack of options. Her goal was to make quality food without additives to emulate the effects of wheat gluten. Grease Box is a cute little spot in a […]Click to cont...

Gluten-Free Tin Foil Dinners | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

The suffocating summer heat has passed in many regions leaving in its place leaves turning colors, cool mornings and nights, and weather perfect for light jackets. This is a great time of year to go camping. If you find yourself camping and in search of some easy foil dinners, here are a few new ones […]Click to continue reading »

Friday Favorite: Engage Organics Spices

 Mark As Read    

For this week’s Friday Favorite, we’re going to spice things up a bit! And that spice is organic, gluten free, salt free and non-GMO. Say hello to Engage Organics Spice Blends! I love that these spice blends are SALT free, as well as gluten-free, since salt-free spice blends that are also gluten-free are very hard

Be Free For Me Blog 42 days ago

Cucumber Noodles with a Raw Pumpkin Seed Pesto Sauce (dairy-free, nut-free, grain-free)

 Mark As Read    

If you are looking for more ways to use up the last of the lovely basil growing in your garden this season, then try making a pesto sauce! It can be frozen and then thawed in the wintertime for a taste of summer. We've been using this sauce tossed with raw cucumber noodles, cooked quinoa noodles, or to top baked wilded salmon!To make cucumber n...

Start the Day with Hot Water and Lemon

 Mark As Read    

How do you get yourself going each day? Do you drink coffee first thing in the morning? Do you eat food shortly after you wake up? Do you workout right away? Since my Ayurvedic training in the early 1990’s I have made sure to start the day with hot water and lemon. I thought this ritual was something that most people did until I started asking aro...

Elana's Pantry 44 days ago

Gluten-Free Wednesdays … Be Sure to Visit My Co-Hosts This Week!

 Mark As Read    

Hi, everyone. I’m taking the week off from Gluten-Free Wednesdays (GFW), the weekly blog carnival that I co-host with my friends Linda of The Gluten-Free Homemaker and Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. But you can head over to their blogs and check out all the gluten-free eating ideas or link up one of your own […](Visit my blog for the full...

GFW: Homemade Baking Mix, Sweet Potato Hash & Shortbread Apple Pockets

 Mark As Read    

Happy Wednesday! Are you ready for another fun week of sharing gluten-free recipes? I look forward to seeing them. If you’re new to the carnival and adding a link, be sure to follow the guidelines as outlined below. This carnival is co-hosted by my friends Shirley of gfe–gluten free easily (and All Gluten-Free Desserts) and […] The post...

How to Make Fruit Leather

 Mark As Read    

Last Summer we made fruit leather and we are at it again! Fruit leather is simple to make and super fun / easy for kids to help. Sophie loves making fruit leather! This time we made apple fruit leather with...

Life, Gluten Free 44 days ago

Cider Brothers | Triumph Dining Product Review

 Mark As Read    

It’s not very often that two 5th generation vintners stray from their family’s craft to start their own business ventures, but that’s just what two brothers from Lodi, California did when starting the Cider Brothers company. Michael and Paul Scotto create gluten-free, craft ciders produced from a five-apple blend of Golden Russet, Gala, Fuji, Red D...

Apple Crisp

 Mark As Read    

I originally published this gluten-free apple crisp recipe almost three years ago. I wanted to bring it back today because it's a great fall apple dessert and while most apple crisp recipes use oats, this one does not. While I know there are gluten-free oats available, I also know that many people cannot tolerate even […] The post Apple Crisp...

GeeFree | Triumph Dining Product Review

 Mark As Read    

Unexpected guests used to stress me out because I have never been good at entertaining. Either something ends up burned or I feel I have ignored my friends. Luckily, I now have a box or two of GeeFree’s frozen appetizers on hand as they are easy to cook, gluten-free and a big crowd pleaser. My […]Click to continue reading »

Gluten-Free Menu Plan 9-13-14

 Mark As Read    

I’m a bit late getting the menu post up today, but all is well. I just got behind on things yesterday. And of course, I didn’t want to miss hearing gf Jules speak at our support group meeting last night or giving her a big hug! I hope you all have a great weekend and […] The post Gluten-Free Menu Plan 9-13-14 appeared first on The Gluten-Free...

A Question for the Gluten-Free Gurus | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

  Dear Gluten-Free Gurus, Over the weekend we celebrated a milestone event and had many people to our home. One of our guests walked in and immediately asked which of the foods on the buffet were gluten-free. There were lots of fruit options but it hadn’t occurred to me to label which other items met […]Click to continue reading »

Top 50+ Best Gluten-Free Bread Recipes—Alternative Breads: Flatbread, Focaccia, Naan & Pita Bread

 Mark As Read    

I’m so excited to continue A Bountiful Bread Basket, our gluten-free bread series, with these recipes for alternative breads today—specifically, gluten-free flatbread, focaccia, pita bread, and naan recipes. I actually have more alternative gluten-free bread recipes to share with you, but I couldn’t fit them all in one post! And, admittedly, ...

The High Cost of Gluten Free Food

 Mark As Read    

In January of this year, 2.5% of grocery customers surveyed indicated that they were willing to pay extra for food labeled ‘gluten free'. Since researchers have discovered that gluten free food costs an average of 242% more than their wheat-based equivalents, we are faced with a statistical and financial puzzle — one possible answer is ...

Friday Favorite: Bonelli Simply Sesame Spreads

 Mark As Read    

I found a new snack! And I’m in love! Fresh cut fruit, slathered with Bonelli’s Fine Foods Simply Sesame spreads. As simple as it sounds these spreads give your fruit an extra special kick that gives you (or your kids!) a reason to get excited about fruit! The flavors that the Bonelli’s Sesame Spreads come

Be Free For Me Blog 50 days ago

Veggie Lites Muffins

 Mark As Read    

I started writing this post weeks ago, but wasn't quite ready to "out" myself yet.  You see, the main reason I haven't done almost any blogging lately is morning sickness…and then getting out of the groove.  Yes!  We are excited … Continue reading →


 Mark As Read    

If the only way to get the family to eat more veggies is to feed them fries…well, Veggie Fries should become a very big brand. You can make veggie fries, which substitute all or some of the potato for a more nutritious vegetable, from scratch at home. Or, you can buy Veggie Fries, a new […]

Cuisine Cube and the Non-GMO Project | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

By now I hope you’ve seen some of reviews I’ve done on the gluten free products that come in my monthly Cuisine Cube delivery. Cuisine Cube was founded by a team of food and e-commerce professionals that were frustrated by constantly having to run around to numerous grocery stores or specialty shops in order to […]Click to continue reading &#...

GFW: Gluten-Free Grab-and-Go Breakfast Bars, Vegan Paleo Pear Galette, Flourless Monster Bars & Vitamix Giveaway

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to Gluten-Free Wednesdays (GFW), the weekly blog carnival that I co-host with my friends Linda of The Gluten-Free Homemaker and Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. We love to connect with our readers. Here’s how to follow each of us: Shirley (me) – Blog Updates (gfe and All Gluten-Free Desserts), Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ Linda [...

GFW: Breakfast Bars, Paleo Muffins, & Pumpkin Panna Cotta

 Mark As Read    

Hi everybody!  Welcome to another week of sharing great gluten-free eating recipes and ideas. This carnival is co-hosted by my friends Shirley of gfe–gluten free easily (and All Gluten-Free Desserts) and Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. Your links will show up on all three sites!  Here’s how to follow each of us: Linda – Blog […] The ...

Win-It-Wednesday: STRONG & KIND Bars

 Mark As Read    

If you are a fan of KIND Bars and love big, bold flavors you are going to flip when you hear about these new bars from KIND snacks. Aptly named, these STRONG & KIND Bars are full of the wholesome goodness you expect for all KIND Snacks, packed along with big, bold, strong flavors. These

Be Free For Me Blog 51 days ago

Sticky Sesame Salmon & Cookbook Giveaway from Silvana Nardone

 Mark As Read    

Silvana Nardone has written a new cookbook that is now available, Silvana's Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Kitchen: Timeless Favorites Transformed (affiliate link). The book contains 125 gluten-free, dairy-free recipes for breakfast, brunch, breads, appetizers, salads, soups, homemade pasta, fake-out takeout, TV dinners, restaurant classics, dessert cl...

Saturday Surprise! Vitamix S30 High Performance Personal Blender Giveaway ($409 Value)

 Mark As Read    

I’m giving away a Vitamix S30 High Performance Blender! Now let me share the full disclosure—and admittedly you might think this giveaway is as hokey and tacky as it gets, but in the words of Popeye, “I yam what I yam.” You see I won this beautiful Vitamix S30 High Performance Blender from Chocolate-Covered Katie […](Visit my blog for t...

Next Steps in Gluten Free Labeling

 Mark As Read    

America finally has an official definition of "gluten free", as it applies to items sold in stores. It's time to expand the definition to include restaurant meals. I suggest that you read these two articles published by the National Restaurant Association. They are filled with phrases like "the new federal standard for gluten free labeling […...

Gluten-Free Menu Plan 9-6-14

 Mark As Read    

I have shared before about not menu planning because that was what worked for me. But now I’m in a season of life where planning is very helpful. At least once a week I am feeding seven adults for dinner, and that takes some planning. If life is busy and you have kids to feed, […] The post Gluten-Free Menu Plan 9-6-14 appeared first on The Gl...

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