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Lemon Hand Pies

 Mark As Read    

Fried Pies are a popular staple in the South, and this is one of the most popular flavors. This recipe makes about 10 large pies. Make sure you allow the pies to cool before eating – frying makes the lemon curd lava hot! You may also bake these if you wish (see the variation below) [Read More...]

Better Batter 79 days ago

5 Tips for Healthy Travel

 Mark As Read    

Traveling is fun. Jet lag? Not so much. Leaving one's native habitat to go on the road for business, and even pleasure can be stressful and exhausting. That's why I'm sharing my 5 Tips for Healthy Travel with you. All types of travel can be intense and particularly brutal when vacation and business schedules don't jibe with the needs of our body c...

Elana's Pantry 79 days ago

We Recently Took A Trip to the WorldVision Distribution Center In Pittsburgh

 Mark As Read    

Ever wonder how the organizations your support function on a practical, day-to-day level? We often ponder this. It's important to know how a charity runs, where they use the money and items you donate, and how they handle the cultures they come into contact with. We wanted to get a clearer picture of how one [Read More...]

Better Batter 80 days ago

Mock Apple Bars

 Mark As Read    

Your family will never guess that these bars are made out of the bumper crop of zucchini that is overtaking your garden – they taste, smell, and look absolutely like the real thing and are very delicious.   Filling 9 c zucchini, peeled, seeded, and diced into 1/2 inch dice 2/3 cup fresh lemon juice [Read More...]

Better Batter 80 days ago

Stack’d | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

To me, pancakes are the ultimate comfort food; you can make them sweet or savory, they aren’t complicated to cook, and they’re absolutely delicious. However, finding a recipe for a non-grainy, good tasting, gluten-free pancakes isn’t easy at all. Too often, the wrong kind of gluten-free flour or sweeteners can make the end product anything […...

Gluten Free Recipe: Carrot and Zucchini Bars with Lemon Glaze

 Mark As Read    

Well hello. You probably thought I wasn't coming back.It's been a whirlwind few months, and so when my computer stopped playing nice with all Google products and I couldn't find a solution, blogging and I took a separation. Thanks to the boy, we've figured out how I can blog again and get back to the blogspot site to give you some new inspiration.H...

Gluten Free in SLC 80 days ago

GFW: Yeast-Free Dinner Rolls, Paleo Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pineapple Bacon Guacamole

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to Gluten-Free Wednesdays (GFW), the weekly blog carnival that I co-host with my friends Linda of The Gluten-Free Homemaker and Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. If you're a reader, you'll find lots of gluten-free eating ideas—recipes, menu plans, reviews (cookbooks, products, restaurants), and much more. If you're a fellow blogger, ...

GFW: Yeast Free Dinner Rolls, Ice Cream Sandwiches, & Blueberry Peach Crisp

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to another great week of sharing great gluten-free eating recipes and ideas. I can’t wait to see what you have to share this week. Be sure to follow the guidelines. if you want us to share your post on social media. This carnival is co-hosted by my friends Shirley of gfe–gluten free easily (and […] The post GFW: Yeast Free Dinne...

Marché Artisan Foods

 Mark As Read    

French food, brunch, gluten free beer and gluten free food options… what more could you… The post Marché Artisan Foods appeared first on Gluten Free Geek.

Gluten Free Nashville 80 days ago

Key Lime Cheesecake Bars from Decadent Gluten-Free Vegan Baking by Cara Reed

 Mark As Read    

Do you know Cara of Fork and Beans? Chances are you do if you’re gluten free and dairy free, gluten free and egg free, or gluten free and vegan, because Cara is truly a recipe magician in these areas. And, thankfully, the word on talented gluten-free bloggers who can help you create fantastic recipes that meet […](Visit my blog for the full p...

Jennifer’s Way | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

Too many times when gluten-free is mentioned on television it’s made fun of and called a fad. Last month, in a slightly more serious interview than he is known for, Jon Stewart of The Daily Show interviewed actress and gluten-free baker Jennifer Espositio about her new book and bakery “Jennifer’s Way”. In addition to hosting […]Click to conti...

Overnight Oats

 Mark As Read    

If you can tolerate gluten-free oats, then these overnight oats are a delicious and easy on-the-go meal. One of my kids has been using this recipe for the past year to eat as a late morning snack while he’s at work. He’s traveling around most of the day and is unable to heat food, so […] The post Overnight Oats appeared first on The Gluten-Fr...

Gluten-Free Peach Upside Down Cake

 Mark As Read    

This gluten-free recipe for Peach Upside Down Cake comes from my friend Steve Zeiden. Some of you might remember Steve from his blog Gluten-Free Steve. Steve’s not blogging at the moment, but obviously he’s still making delicious gluten-free treats! By the way, I shared another recipe of his (with one simple substitution) earlier here on […](...

Tea Thyme Cafe – Marble Falls, TX

 Mark As Read    

Marble Falls, Texas… where is that, you ask?  Precisely. A few months ago, I bought a Texas state parks pass.  I've decided to get my money's worth from it this year.  Last week, I took my family to Longhorn Cavern … Continue reading →

Shopping for Gluten Free Food

 Mark As Read    

People who live gluten free shop successfully on-line as well in conventional supermarkets and grocery stores. I recently wrote about shopping on-line and today I will talk about patronizing local stores. The costs are roughly equal, and many people who live gluten free use both systems. Shopping locally makes sense when you are buying a small numb...

Gluten-Free Menu Plan 8-2-14

 Mark As Read    

I just realized that August is probably my least favorite month of the year. It’s typically very hot and humid here and summer is ending. There’s just not much to like about August. But we still have to eat, and so here is a gluten-free menu plan to help you out this first week of […] The post Gluten-Free Menu Plan 8-2-14 appeared first on Th...

Gluten Free Potstickers with White Wine Sangria – and a giveaway!

 Mark As Read    

Gluten Free Potstickers?  Yes, please! Peach-Mango White Wine Sangria?  Bring it on! NOTICE:  I was contacted by a marketing company for Al Fresco (gluten free sausages, etc) and Columbia Crest wines to create a recipe using Al Fresco meat and pairing it with Columbia Crest wine..  They sent me wine, coupons (2) for al fresco […]

A Personal Update

 Mark As Read    

I’m not good at working a lot of personal information into my recipes and menu plans, so I thought I would give my readers a little update on a few things in my life. First, you may or may not realize that I home school my kids—or rather I did. My youngest son graduated in May! […] The post A Personal Update appeared first on The Gluten-Free ...

TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Lärabar’s Renula “Granola”

 Mark As Read    

The Lärabar brand of healthy, gluten free energy bars (now owned by General Mills) has reinvented granola. They call their new product Renola. The reinvention substitutes nuts for the traditional oats in granola. As a result, Renola is grain free, gluten free, soy-free and dairy-free. It is certified kosher by OU. It’s also crunchy and […]

How to Survive Building a New House

 Mark As Read    

As I mentioned in my What a Year post, we moved into a new house last summer –July 2013 to be exact. Now that we've been in the house for one year, things are starting to settle down. I unpacked the last boxes in May 2014. The dust has finally settled and I'm ready to discuss this huge project. In this post I'm going to outline how to survive...

Elana's Pantry 86 days ago

Is Your Child Likely to Develop Celiac Disease? | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

Research relating to what may cause children to develop celiac disease are of more interest to me these days. I have a 7-month-old daughter and I’m celiac myself. Will my daughter inherit my disease and which factors make it more likely? A new study, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), finds that more than […]Click to continue ...

Understanding Gluten Free Flour Terminology

 Mark As Read    

People who live gluten free must understand the terms whole grain, whole wheat, and multigrain as well as phrases like "made with whole grain flour". "Whole grain flour" means what it sounds like. The three parts of the grain (germ, endosperm, and bran) are are in the same proportion that they occur in nature. Flour can […]...

Zema’s Foccacia | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

Do you participate in the Meatless Monday trend? It’s a goal in our house although it’s not always accomplished on Mondays. No matter the day, I try to plan at least one or two meatless dinners during the week. This week’s meal was created around a rosemary-millet focaccia mix made by Zema’s Madhouse Foods. We […]Click to continue reading ...

It’s Berry Season | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

This past week alone I was able to pick my own blueberries, cherries, raspberries, gooseberries and currents many in a variety of colors or types. There’s a sense of accomplishment in filling that picking bucket. I often enjoy the picking so much though, that I get home and think: ‘Now what do I do with […]Click to continue reading »

GFW: 2-Minute Gluten-Free Banana Muffins, Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Cream, and How to Cook Zucchini Noodles (Grain Free!)

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to Gluten-Free Wednesdays (GFW), the weekly blog carnival that I co-host with my friends Linda of The Gluten-Free Homemaker and Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. We love to connect with our readers.  Here’s how to follow each of us: Shirley (me) – Blog Updates (gfe and All Gluten-Free Desserts), Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ Linda ...

Monster Bars

 Mark As Read    

Each time I head home to Minnesota, my mamasita goes out of her way to have gluten-free treats waiting. This time was no exception — and she outdid herself by taking a family favorite cookie recipe (Grandma G's Monster Cookies) and made them into bars. Easier. Less work. More time to sip coffee together. (or...Continue reading →

Celiac in the City 87 days ago

GFW: Microwave Banana Muffins, Flourless Cookies, and Lemon Garlic Shrimp

 Mark As Read    

It’s the end of July and we are having unseasonably great weather. It’s not in the hot and humid weather of the mid Atlantic region, and I’m enjoying it. I should be turning my oven on and doing a little baking. Maybe I’ll find some inspiration at this week’s carnival! This carnival is co-hosted by […] The post GFW: Microwave Banana Muffins, ...

Win-It-Wednesday: “Juice: Recipes for Juicing, Cleansing & Living Well” Cook Book

 Mark As Read    

One morning last week a college student that works with me came to work with a tall glass full of an icy, frothy baby-blue drink. It looked delicious. Between sips he explained that this “drink” was his breakfast and he had, literally, whipped it up that morning. Packed with fresh blueberries, coconut water, chia seeds

Be Free For Me Blog 87 days ago

Is Testing for Celiac Important?

 Mark As Read    

Yes !!! Yes!!! Yes !!!. There are at least six reasons for my emphatic answer to that question:  ~~~ 1. You may need the test results later, and it is very difficult to test a person who is currently non eating gluten. Some experts consider it impossible or at least not worth the effort! ~~~ 2. It's […]

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

 Mark As Read    

My family has not been fond of Brussels sprouts, and I have tried different recipes over the years trying to get them to like the veggie. Nothing seemed to work, and so I hadn't made them in quite a long time when Danielle sent me this roasted Brussels sprouts recipe. I won’t say that the […] The post Roasted Brussels Sprouts appeared first o...

We’ll be at Worldvision this week!

 Mark As Read    

Hi everyone! I'll be with my husband and teammates at the Worldvision center this week, helping them get shipments of clothing, food etc ready for shipping overseas. What a wonderful opportunity to see their work in action! Worldvision is one of our chosen charities through their clean water project. Since I'll be gone, you won't [Read More...]...

Better Batter 90 days ago
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