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Gluten-Free Menu Plan 6-14-14

 Mark As Read    

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow, and so the first item on this gluten-free menu includes instructions for how to cook filet mignon—my husband’s favorite steak. I hope you all enjoy the day. This menu is gluten free but I also include dairy free and grain free options for those who need it. Weekly Gluten-Free Menu Plan […] The post Gluten-Free Menu...

Jujubeet – A Plant-Based Juice Bar | Triumph Dining Review

 Mark As Read    

On a trip taken to Seattle a couple months back, one of the last places I stopped was Jujubeet in Bellevue. This juice bar also offers gluten-free food items. Their goal is to provide quick, simple, delicious, nutritionally rich food.Their storefront offers a variety of proven superfoods and they claim that everything they sell is crafted […]...

Gluten Free Play Dough

 Mark As Read    

Summer break is finally here, and moms everywhere are trying to figure out how to occupy their children. Why not make this fantastic gluten free play dough for your children? Fast and easy (made in a microwave) in three minutes, this recipe is great. You may use any coloring agent you desire (food color; natural [Read More...]

Better Batter 81 days ago

Friday Favorite: Righteously Raw Chocolate

 Mark As Read    

If you are a chocolate lover you are aboslutly going to adore this week’s Friday Favorite on BeFreeForMe.com! Righteously Raw’s slogan is “the way chocolate ought to be”… and they are spot on. Certified gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, vegan and kosher, this chocolate is also free of the top 8 allergens and contain no refined sugars.

Be Free For Me Blog 82 days ago

Devoto Orchards Cider | Triumph Dining Review

 Mark As Read    

In the hills near Sebastopol, California, amidst all the vineyards, is a small cidery named Devoto Orchards. Devoto uses exclusively California-grown certified organic apples for their ciders and more than that, they grow more than a hundred different varieties of apples! Though they’ve only been making cider for a few of the 40 years they […...

Italian Grilled Chicken

 Mark As Read    

Ever wondered how they get the grilled chicken items in fast food and other quick service places to have that slightly caramelized, tasty coating? The secret is a small amount of starch – usually in the form of modified food starch, a bit of sugar, and a little fat. We've created an easy version of [Read More...]

Better Batter 83 days ago

Gluten-Free Wednesdays ~ 6-11-14

 Mark As Read    

It’s time for Gluten-Free Wednesdays (GFW), the weekly blog carnival event that I co-host with my friends Linda of The Gluten-Free Homemaker and Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. GFW is all about gluten-free food-related posts—recipes, menu planning, ingredient reviews, product reviews, gluten-free travel, and much more. Be sure to check out...

Donatos Solon Ohio

 Mark As Read    

Mmm Mmm Mmm… Gluten free pizza!     The post Donatos Solon Ohio appeared first on Gluten Free Geek.

Gluten Free Nashville 83 days ago

Patrick’s Bistreaux

 Mark As Read    

Authentic South East Louisiana Cuisine representing Cajun, Creole and French flavors. No dedicated gluten free… The post Patrick’s Bistreaux appeared first on Gluten Free Geek.

Gluten Free Nashville 83 days ago

Gluten-Free Wednesdays 6-11-14

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to another week of sharing great gluten-free recipes and ideas. This carnival is a great place to find all kinds of gluten-free recipes in one place. I look forward to seeing what is shared this week. This carnival is co-hosted by my friends Shirley of gfe–gluten free easily and All Gluten-Free Desserts and Lynn […] The post Glu...

Gluten Free Food Recalls

 Mark As Read    

Glutino Foods has recalled their "Rosemary and Olive Oil Snack Crackers" with a use by date of October 26, 2014 because they tested positive for Salmonella. I have added a "widget" to our sidebar provided by the Food and Drug Administration. It gives constantly-updated information about food recalls. I was surprised to notice how often […]...

The Good Bean Chickpea Snacks | Triumph Dining Product Review

 Mark As Read    

First kale was the “in”healthy food, then chia seeds, and now it seems like chickpeas have stolen the throne. This nutty and buttery legume has been popping up in snacks all over the place! Not that I am one to complain, chickpeas are super healthy, gluten-free and The Good Bean’s Chickpea Snacks are currently my […]Click to continue reading ...

Gluten Free Recipes

 Mark As Read    

Gluten free recipes are available on the internet and in bookstores. You're only concern will be too many choices. All-Recipes.com is a huge collection of recipes that can be electronically-sorted to meet any need. Click on the title to study their collection of gluten free recipes.Food Network and Yummly work the same way. Pinterest has a unique a...

News Flash: finds & photos

 Mark As Read    

Gluten-free tidbits hit social media or are sent to me each week — things I want to share with you, I mean to share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. but it doesn't always work out that way. Life happens. (I won't bore you with all the ways things don't always go as planned… everyone has their days!)...Continue reading →...

Celiac in the City 85 days ago

Garden Lites Zucchini Chocolate Muffins | Triumph Dining Review

 Mark As Read    

I am finding more and more gluten-free options at my local Costco. This week, while reaching for my huge loaf of Udi’s bread, I noticed a box of chocolate muffins right next to the bread. Upon further inspection I saw that they were gluten-free and I was intrigued. These weren’t standard muffins. First they were […]Click to continue reading &...

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts

 Mark As Read    

These bacon wrapped chicken breasts are a huge hit with all my guys, and frankly, I love them too. Some in my family prefer white meat chicken and others prefer dark meat, but everyone loves bacon.  And so, even the dark meat lovers are happy because these chicken breast are moist and flavorful. This recipe […] The post Bacon Wrapped Chicken ...

Chocolate Wacky Cake (WWII Cake)

 Mark As Read    

The best we can tell, this cake was created by some very creative and intelligent people in WWII who didn't let rationing get in their way of a good chocolate fix. This recipe, which uses no eggs, milk, or butter and greatly reduced sugar, is also easy to make and one of the moistest, most [Read More...]

Better Batter 85 days ago

Root Beer and Rum Ice Cream Float

 Mark As Read    

On the way home from camping this weekend, we suddenly wanted steamed crabs. But, alas, crabs go quickly around here, especially early in the season, so there were no crabs to be had. But in our quest for crabs, I saw some root beer and suddenly wanted a good root beer float. I don’t drink […](Visit my blog for the full post, complete with an...

Gluten-Free Menu Plan 6-7-14

 Mark As Read    

I hope you all are having a great weekend. Today I’m attending the second of three weddings in three weeks! I hope this gluten-free menu plan helps make your week a little easier. Follow it as is or use it to supplement your own ideas. I realize the weather is getting warmer and several of […] The post Gluten-Free Menu Plan 6-7-14 appeared fi...

Best of Gluten Free Awards (cont’d) | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

Triumph Dining would like to thank everyone who voted in this year’s Best of Gluten-Free Awards. Here are the winners in categories 6-12 - congrats to everyone!  Best Gluten Free Bread Mix - Bob's Red Mill   Best Gluten Free Dessert Mix - Hodgson Mill   Best Gluten Free Granola - KIND   Best Gluten Free All Purpose […]Click to ...

Ktoos Stuffed Brownies

 Mark As Read    

Every Friday we take an inspiration from pinterest and try to replicate the recipe here in our test kitchen, simply subsituting our products (and a few other excellent ones) for the gluten containing counterparts. This Friday our recipe was inspired by this recipe. The original called for a scratch brownie, but honestly our fudge is [Read More...]

Better Batter 88 days ago

Going Gluten Free … Facts and Fantasies

 Mark As Read    

"If you are following the fad [by going gluten free]… you are a marketers dream come true…". The gluten free food industry grew by  44% between 2011 and 2013 and is certainly  profitable, but that is not proof that the people who have gone gluten free during that time were duped. Perhaps there are benefits […]

Gluten Free and Beyond

 Mark As Read    

If a celiac's only problem was avoiding gluten, our lives would be relatively simple. Like everyone else, we must consider calories, fiber, GMO's, sodium,  sugar, as well as whole-grains. I've posted information about all these subjects as they apply to people who live gluten free.  Click here to read about the topic(s) that concern you: […]...

Best of Gluten Free Awards | Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

Triumph Dining would like to thank everyone who voted in this year’s Best of Gluten-Free Awards. Here are the winners in categories 1-5 - congrats to everyone!   Best Gluten Free Bread Mix - Udi's   Best Gluten Free Pasta - Ancient Harvest   Best Gluten Free Pizza Crust (Pre-made or mix) - Udi's   Best Gluten […]Click to c...


 Mark As Read    

No dedicated gluten free menu but the staff will easily work with you.     The post Alegria appeared first on Gluten Free Geek.

Gluten Free Nashville 90 days ago

Sloppy Joe Pockets

 Mark As Read    

This recipe comes from our recipe maven, Colleen, who graciously allowed us to share her mom's famous version of sloppy joe with the world. If you're not feeling particularly inspired to bake, you can always substitute your favorite commercial gluten free hamburger bun instead of the pocket bread recipe given below. POCKET 3 C (12oz [Read More...]...

Better Batter 90 days ago
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