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Friday Favorite: Nana’s Gluten-Free Cookies

 Mark As Read    

Back to school is here! And those lunches are being packed once again. Along with the sandwiches, fruit, vegetables and snacks, sometimes a cookie is just what it takes to make a lunch box packed ever so sweet. I discovered Nana’s Cookies earlier this year while at a trade show in California and I've been

Be Free For Me Blog 86 days ago

Portable Brocolli Quiche

 Mark As Read    

Looking for something quick and easy to take to work or pack for school lunches? This recipe packs well, carries well, and freezes well. Pop a couple of these little hand pies into the microwave or toaster oven for a minute each. Add optional protein, and you'll have a complete lunch that is warm, satisfying [Read More...]

Better Batter 87 days ago

The Gluten Free School Year Begins

 Mark As Read    

Every  gluten free in your home will need approximately 175 ‘safe' lunches during the next year that starts next week. View these five websites as a family.  By the time you have finished looking at them, your family will be convinced that: there are enough great ideas to last several years. classmates will be envious […]

Top 10 Colleges for the Gluten-Free Part 1| Triumph Dining

 Mark As Read    

Living a gluten-free life is not an easy task. Celiac disease can be diagnosed at a younger age than ever before and while that may mean less symptoms over a lifetime, it also means more planning. When children live in a mother and/or father’s household, they can be looked after and proper food can be […]Click to continue reading »

GFW: Amazing Paleo (and Vegan) Pizza Crust and Bagels, Gluten-Free Fluffy Pancakes, and Zucchini Brownies

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to Gluten-Free Wednesdays (GFW), the weekly blog carnival that I co-host with my friends Linda of The Gluten-Free Homemaker and Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures. We love to connect with our readers. Here’s how to follow each of us: Shirley (me) – Blog Updates (gfe and All Gluten-Free Desserts), Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ Linda [...

GFW: Paleo Pizza Crust & Bagels + GF Zucchini Brownies

 Mark As Read    

Hi everybody!  Are you ready for another great week of sharing gluten-free recipes and ideas? I know I am. After spending a few days with gluten-free blogger friends last week, I’m freshly inspired to try new recipes! This carnival is co-hosted by my friends Shirley of gfe–gluten free easily (and All Gluten-Free Desserts) and Lynn […] T...

Win-It-Wednesday: Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Sauce and (NEW!) Cookin’ Sauces

 Mark As Read    

I love a good barbeque sauce. Slathered on chicken, beef and pork; as a topping for juicy hamburgers; and a dipping sauce for fresh-cut fries. There’s always a reason to put use Bar-B-Q Sauce on my plate. And my all-time favorite Bar-B-Q Sauce is Stubb’s. All natural and all gluten-free, I love Stubb’s Bar-B-Q sauces

Be Free For Me Blog 88 days ago


 Mark As Read    

This basic meatball recipe is easy to make. No frying! Flavored with shallot, tomato paste and a hint of Dijon mustard, these simple meatballs are incredibly tasty. My boys and their friends love them! Meatballs are also a great make ahead dinner dish. Often, when I have a busy day, I'll make these meatballs the night before, let them cool, and r...

Elana's Pantry 88 days ago

Lower Fat Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

 Mark As Read    

What is the secret ingredient in these moist and delicious muffins? Well, it depends on who you ask. For most people it's the prune puree, which adds both moisture and body… but for me it's the small amount of chocolate chips, which add a decadence to the muffins that are often missing in healthier baked [Read More...]

Better Batter 89 days ago

GFE Selects: Seasonello Bologna Aromatic Herbal Salt

 Mark As Read    

    I admit it. I am in love. With Seasonello Bologna Aromatic Herbal Salt. Labeled “the Italian way to enrich your food with more flavor and less sodium,” this product delivers. In the most delicious way possible! Yes, Bologna references that Bologna across the pond. (Note:  A recent study, which was published in the […](Visit my b...

Belcourt Theatre

 Mark As Read    

Nashville's nonprofit cinema. Presenting independent, documentary, world and repertory films 365 days a year and…… The post Belcourt Theatre appeared first on Gluten Free Geek.

Gluten Free Nashville 89 days ago

A Short History of Gluten Free

 Mark As Read    

The human race was on a de-facto gluten free diet for 99.6% of its 2.5 million years on Earth. Food processing began about 10,000 years ago, and grains are pretty-much useless unless they are processed in some way. Click here and/or here to study the facts-and-figures supporting this statement, but I am more interested in […]

A Celiac Goes to High School

 Mark As Read    

Let's think about John, a hypothetical eighth grader, who was diagnosed with celiac disease this summer. He's found things that he can eat, agrees that the diet is "not that bad". But soon he will be entering high school, meeting literally hundreds of kids and — hopefully — making new friends and succeeding in high […]...

Chocolate Covered Banana Cake Donuts

 Mark As Read    

The flavor of these donuts just explodes in your mouth – fantastic banana flavor, rich and fudgy chocolate combine for a moist treat that will last several days at room temperature. Best of all, this recipe calls for only three ingredients! So awesome. This recipe makes 12 donuts. If you wish, you can make it [Read More...]

Better Batter 89 days ago

10 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

 Mark As Read    

It's that time of year again – fall is just around the corner, and school has started up. Our mornings get crazy, so it's good to have some easy to grab, easy to make breakfasts besides cereal, cereal, scrambled eggs, and more cereal. Here are a few of my favorite breakfast ideas for you (I'll [Read More...]

Better Batter 90 days ago

Peach Upside Down Cake (Grain Free)

 Mark As Read    

The following is a guest post by my friend Danielle McKinney. I have made this peach upside down cake, and it is delicious. My family loved it! Please keep in mind that coconut flour can vary by brand. If you use a different brand than Danielle used, only add the milk if needed. The cake […] The post Peach Upside Down Cake (Grain Free) appear...

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