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Gluten Free Menu Swap- July 28, 2008

 Mark As Read    

I am trying to keep it simple this week by making stand-by recipes. I have to make several cakes this week, so I want dinner to be easy to put together. I also have a few recipes I need to get on the blog, so I don't want to get overwhelmed ! The Gluten Free

Gluten Free Mommy 3057 days ago

Braised Kale with Sesame Seeds

 Mark As Read    

Kale is a relatively new favorite at our house.  I discovered kale after food blogging and have been using it more and more in my cooking.  I started with Pesto Penne with Kale, Mushrooms, and Bacon and have moved on to braver uses of kale.  My husband loves that pasta recipe, but was reluctant to try this recipe until

Gluten Free Mommy 3060 days ago

Strawberry Cake with Green Icing

 Mark As Read    

This cake was made in honour of my eldest son's fourth birthday. Unlike his older sister, he hadn't been talking on end about what he wanted his birthday cake to look like. A few days before his birthday, I asked him what he wanted it to be. He said he wanted "green

Baking Love 3062 days ago

Peach Cobbler

 Mark As Read    

I have gone a little nuts for peach cobbler. I have made several and this is one of my favorite versions. My husband, resident taste-tester, was thoroughly interrogated and he swears he loves it. I think he is beginning to regret this role as blog taste-tester. My perfectionist tendencies frequently result in fewer blog postings,

Gluten Free Mommy 3063 days ago

Gluten Free Menu Swap- July 14, 2008

 Mark As Read    

Today is Dan's birthday. He is a year old! We are celebrating with a homemade gluten free birthday cake at home today. (I have to beat last year's hit, Lighter than Air Chocolate Cake, made by my sister, Caroline.) He had his very festive pirate birthday party (complete with costumes) last weekend with just the

Gluten Free Mommy 3070 days ago

Bombay Chicken

 Mark As Read    

This is a fairly simple gluten free recipe that I can make with a few pantry ingredients. I am adding this to my rotation because my husband and I really enjoyed it. We tried to get our toddlers to eat it, but the best they did was eat the chicken with ketchup. Oh well, I

Gluten Free Mommy 3071 days ago

Chattanooga Chew-Chews

 Mark As Read    

Here is another good recipe from Anna at Cookie Madness. Just the name alone is amusing enough for me to want to bake them. When my kids tried to pronounce the name it came out as "Chooga Chew-Chews" at first, then shortened up to just "Chew-Chews". These are tasty bars and to

Baking Love 3074 days ago

Tres Leches

 Mark As Read    

This recipe for Tres Leches Cake is from The Food Network. I saw Alton Brown's episode on Tres Leches Cake and went looking for his recipe first. When I couldn't find it right away, I stopped to look at the other recipes and decided on a different one with more eggs and less

Baking Love 3095 days ago

My One-Pot Meal: Tamale Pie

 Mark As Read    

I'm participating in the "Go Ahead Honey, It's Gluten-Free" Blogging Event for the first time! The theme is "One-Pot Meals." Maybe soon I'll actually get around to hosting an event...In any case, tamale pie is my one-pot entry. It's a natural one-pot meal. You get your veggies, protein, and grain all in one whack. It's also versatile: I've made thi...

Asian-Style Tofu Loaf

 Mark As Read    

I grew up pretty much unaware of tofu as food that I might actually want to eat. Most of the meals I remember centered around meat: chicken casserole, hamburger goulash, baked flounder, etc. Not terribly unusual for someone whose grandparents grew up on farms.I first encountered tofu on a regular basis in college, where firm tofu was ubiquitous on...

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Icing

 Mark As Read    

I'm back after a two-week hiatus! I've just started a new part-time job and am still juggling my old part-time job (as well as my full-time+ job as a stay-at-home mommy). All of that has led to not as much cooking experimentation. We've been eating some old favorites and emptying out the freezer--after all, it's almost blueberry season here, and I ...

Moving to LA!

 Mark As Read    

We're moving to Los Angeles, California! Yeah!As  Our journey begins this Saturday, the 24th, which is my birthday as well. I wish I could bake a cake for the trip but my baking supplies and utensils are all packed away. Awwwww . My blogging has slowed in the last few

Baking Love 3122 days ago

Weekly Menus: May 11

 Mark As Read    

Our menu this week comes mostly from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. Recently, he's inspired me to cook my own beans instead of buying canned. I never realized how easy it is. With a 12-hr soak, the beans are usually cooked in less than an hour. I plan to use them in a few meals and freeze the rest. For the price of two cans of P...

Eating Out and Gluten-Free in D.C. Part II: Java Green

 Mark As Read    

The last time I was in Washington, D.C., I discovered Teaism and their gluten-free menu. We just returned from another visit--and, oh, were the azaleas gorgeous! No Teaism this time, as delicious as it was during my last trip. I was hunting for new gluten-free territory, and I found it at Java Green, a downtown cafe on 19th, near K St.After a morni...

Peanut Butter Banana Sandwiches Cake

 Mark As Read    

This is another recipe inspired by a great one from the Food Network. Their original is from the Retro Desserts cookbook. Peanut butter and bananas is one of my favourite combinations, so I've had this recipe on my list for some time now. The cake is baked as a loaf cake,

Baking Love 3145 days ago

Quinoa-Almond Butter Cookies (Kosher for Passover)

 Mark As Read    

Passover's almost over, and I'm surrounded by people who are sighing over their matzo and guiltily buying non-kosher-for-Passover food because they're starving and can't find any other food. I could feel bitter. After all, when Passover ends, I don't get to return to wheat, barley, oats, rye, and spelt. Instead, I listen with bemused detachment and...

Homemade Yogurt

 Mark As Read    

I've been eating yogurt for years, but until I lived in Russia, my yogurt consumption was limited to Dannon and Yoplait. I hated dumping Dannon Fruit on the Bottom yogurt into a bowl and watching it hold its cup-like, gelatinous shape. Reminded me of cranberry sauce from the can (which, I admit, I love, but the can ridges are a bit scary).In Russia...

Gluten-Free Menus: April 14

 Mark As Read    

The Gluten-Free Menu Swap is being hosted this week by Gluten-Free Sox, so head on over for some great menu-planning ideas...Passover starts next Sunday. In our household, we celebrate Shabbat on Fridays and major holidays, but, not being Jewish, I don't fast on Yom Kippur and don't purge my house of chametz (which does actually include some things...

Gluten-Free Menus: April 6

 Mark As Read    

In How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, Mark Bittman suggests that one strategy to preparing vegetarian meals--that might involve many "side" dishes rather than one main dish with a few sides--is to prepare a big pot of beans and/or grains early in the week and find ways to incorporate them differently into several meals. This week I'm trying this me...

Quinoa Pizza Crust

 Mark As Read    

I've always loved pizza. Pizza for sleepovers. Pizza for end-of-season elementary school basketball team parties. Pizza nearly every night in college (remember someone knocking on doors around 11 or 12 trying to get together enough people to buy pizza at $1/slice?).I grew up on Pizza Hut and Little Caesar's, usually on Friday nights. Those days, af...

Gluten-Free Menus: March 24

 Mark As Read    

Thanks, food bloggers, for the fabulous food we made last week! I didn't post my menus so I'll let you know how they turned out:The Science Teacher made Ginger-Lemon Girl's Cheddar Baked Hominy (see photo above). We added 10 oz. of spinach and some cottage cheese and used Cabot 50% Reduced Fat Cheddar to great success!I cooked up Gluten-Free Bay's ...

Homemade Kimchi

 Mark As Read    

Kimchi, a fermented cabbage dish, is a staple of Korean cooking. "Staple" might be a bit of a misnomer since when I think of staples, I think of eggs, cheese, raisins, and oatmeal--all ingredients that show up fairly regularly in the foods I eat each week. But I don't include all of them in most meals, which seems to be how kimchi figures into the ...

Gluten-Free Vacation: South Carolina and Beyond

 Mark As Read    

I love to travel. After I finished my MA in English a few years ago, the Science Teacher and I took off for 5 weeks of sightseeing, training, swimming, and eating through the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, and Bosnia. We had a blast. One of our more amusing post-trip jokes came when we realized that in practically every picture I'm toting a litt...

Gluten-Free Menus: March 10

 Mark As Read    

It's taken me longer to get back in the real-life groove than I thought. We had a great off-line, trip to South Carolina: no computers, no iPods, no blogs (for me), no video games (for the Science Teacher). We played the Settlers of Catan Card Game, and the Science Teacher cooked up lots of gluten-free seafood dishes (think: paella and pasta arrabb...

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